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replicating the Doepfer A-144 morphing controller in buchla?
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Author replicating the Doepfer A-144 morphing controller in buchla?
Is there anything out there in Buchla format which a similar function to the Doepfer A-144?

It would be a such a great companion for the 292 - I have the feeling I must be missing something obvious...
I could be incorrect, as I have not messed around with the A-144 and use Serge, not Buchla but 4 comparators( There is a DIY serge triple comparator, and single comparators in other modules), plus the quad function generator could be used to create a similar functionality. It's mentioned in another thread how to use the 250 and 251 as comparators, although I don't fully understand the logic. 12296e4c5ba3769a7f2cc26

As the voltage crosses the 4 reference voltages in the comparators you set off the triangle shape using the gate in on the Quad Function Generator
You could use a 250e in continuous mode. A ramp CV into the sequencer then advances the stages linearly. Configure pulses on the stages to fire 281e envelopes. Only snag might be pulses triggered by the sequencer on the way back down. Also only two pulses available. All four channels of the 251e could be used in DIR mode to do it (send the same ramp CV to all four sequencers).
You could use a variation of this quadrature lookup table patch I made for the 251e.

If you were going for as close an approximation as possible, you'd want to use values that match the panel graphics of the A-144, rather than the sine/cosine values in the PDF. i.e., in the first sequencer, you'd have 1/5 of the stages go from 0-10v in increments, the next 1/5 of the stages go from 10-0v in increments, and then the next 3/5 stages be 0v. Offset these values by 1/5 of the total stages in each successive sequencer to get a close approximation of an A-144. Also, as per the PDF- if you've got a 257e, you can slew the outputs to make them smoother.
Hmm, that's quite the module count to replicate a $90 module's function. woah

What about the Northern Lights hED's phase control offset feature? That seems like it might get close?
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