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Guitar polyfoni to midi - where are we?
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Author Guitar polyfoni to midi - where are we?
I wonder if any of you guitarist are well informed on the state of affairs with guitar to midi transposition.

Are we still dependent on Roland or Fishman middle stations to successfully transpose strumming to midi (as in catching the chords e.g. like the Chordie app. Are there any cool new developments out there that you'd like to share with us.. Any news from NAMM2019 that flew us by?

There has been so many promising words over the years, but I have yet to see any straigh forward and elegant solutions with results that guitarist really praise. Really not keen on that Roland guitar synth.

Yeah, Melodyne works, but that's another software step that easily kills creative flow, and of course it doesn't work in real time.

Good news anyone..?
The BOSS SY-300 seemed to handle poly and tracking pretty well. Not a great-sounding synth though and no MIDI to pitch conversion AFAIK.
Industrial Radio has made midi basses for years and now they have a guitar.

The designer of the technology, Steve Chick, made midi basses for Wal and Peavey. I have one of the Peavey basses and it works really well, way better than a hexaphonix pickup system
Wow - 4K$, and a 6 month wait. Hmmm. Can you bend strings with that fret sensing tech? I'm not seeing that in any of the demos - it's all just straight chord stuff. But I got bored and didn't watch all of them.
You can bend on the bass version that I have.
Bass builder friend of mine installs fret-trax and speaks highly of it. I have not personally tried it.

I have had almost every iteration of guitar synth (fret-trax obviously excluded), and without a doubt the best tracking etc. came from the original Roland Gr-300. Nothing can touch it for accuracy and touch/feel.

I regret selling that system on a weekly basis. I bought it on eBay in 2007 for $400 with the cord and pickup. One of the dumbest resells I ever made. d'oh!
I have a modified G&L ASAT with Axon midi pickup custom installed by Gary Brawer. I run thru an Axon 100SB module using the onboard Yamaha sound card. Works very good but not perfect. Tried triggering a synth once using the midi out but mostly use her for pad beds to play against.
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