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Pedalboard suggestion (and more) for touring
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Author Pedalboard suggestion (and more) for touring
Hi people!

Finally I'm preparing a new live A/V set as I'm feeling the urge to hit the road again and play live.

What I'm working on is a show including a drone (still experimenting and deciding if the role will be taken by an OP1 or a Serge or a Bugbrand synth, but probably OP-1 as it's super small) and an heavily processed Soprano Sax, and this is the technically tricky part.

I'm using a HALLEN&HEAT ZED10 maximizing every possible routing option, I have a OTO BOUM on the main mix insert, BIM and BAM on the 2 AUX, Red Panda Particle on one RCA REC out bus coming back in one channel, want to buy a Red Panda Tensor for the other channel, to have little stereo glitchy loops going on.


I will have to transport my stuff moving on foot, metro, train and hopefully planes.
I already feel it's too much stuff but the sound of the sax passing through those OTO Machines is beautiful.
So I tried to create a pedal board on ModularGrid:

It's freaking big and it goes out of most airlines hand luggage measurements.

I left all that space between the pedals because I'd like to use a solution like this, without velcro:

Of course the pedalboard is just to speed up the set up time on stage and I think I have to consider travelling with the boxes into a Pelican-like suit case or a rigid trolley with the pedals and the mixer packed into bubblewrap.

In your experience do you kindly have something to suggest? And most interesting: what's your strategy if in need of touring live?

Thanks for your time and help!
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