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New attic studio!
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Author New attic studio!
Bought a house, and the attic is my new studio. Quite thrilled about the design challenges and quirks it will provide. Hopefully will help create a unique live mic sound/reverb. I plan to keep this thread as a guild thread for those curious about the progress. I haven’t found too much out there about attic studio construction, so I hope to help fill the void.

First design challenge, where to put the damn desk and should I worry about the breaker box being so close. This is the only picture I have at the moment

That looks like a wonderful space, congrats! Before you decide on a position for the desk, I would run some calculations to see where all the standing waves are and pick the best place based on that, not on a preconceived notion of what works. smile
I will, but you know how it is. You’ve got this house but you can’t get in to measure anything yet, but you still want to attempt to plan (daydream?) what you can
what the heck...lucky strike! congrats! speaker placement first i'd recommend and everything depending on that afterwards.

hope you live in a well temperatured region so that you don't freeze your legs of one half and sweat like a waterfall during the rest of the year.
maybe putting rockwool and coverage in every notch would be an idea nontheless. maybe just room would sound excellent then. love
and then again i hope you can settle in for a long time after all this possible effort spend.
It’s a cold area in the winter, but quite nice the rest of the year.

What are everyone’s thoughts on the breaker box causing interference? It’s an old house, but electric was updated in the last couple years.
breaker box shouldn't offer any more issues then any other electrical
with modern wiring and a closed case - i've had a few situations that were within shared wall or within feet of mixers and speakers with no issue

if you are in it for the long haul - take your time and do the room up right once and enjoy - totally worth the wait

best of luck -
Just make sure that if you must cross low voltage wires over power that you do it at right angles, and if they must run parallel to each other that they are at least several inches away from each other. If you are running Cat6/data wiring, keep the number of turns to the absolute minimum.
eek! Congrats! Layers are good. On the floor, the ceiling and walls. Make sure any windows are completely sealed (dust is worse than noise).
Also, ensure the roof doesnt leak before you move your equipment in there.
That could be a very nice space, depending on how you finish it out. I would avoid parallel walls. If you keep everything balanced lines, you don’t need to worry about the breaker box. I’m jealous except I’d hate schlepping my gear up the stairs. Good luck!
@kcd- new roof but of course!

@esample, I have this wacky idea for a room with no parallel walls in there, but I want to actually get in there and hear things first.
Wow! Huge congrats! That space look wonderful. Best of luck and keep us updated smile
Really nice place congratulations !

I love this king of topic, very inspiring
It's beautiful but I'm afraid by the time you insulate it enough to be usable, you'll hide all that pretty wood.

Another plus though: the sloped roof should help break up resonances.
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