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easy expert sleepers es-3 question
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Author easy expert sleepers es-3 question
hi guys, trying to figure out es-3 module with silent way.
when i use a simple dc plugin and i increase 0 to 1 level on the left channel of the plugin ( going to output 13/14 of my interface) , it gives signal to the socket n.1 of the es-3 but also the same to the 2nd socket of the es-3. which actually should be controlled from the right channel of the plugin instead (corresponding output 14)

plus, if i send out audio to the audio 13/14 of the interface, it fires up and send signal to all the first 4 sockets of the es-3 module

what am i doing wrong?

You should post this in the Expert Sleepers sub-forum. Os (who owns and operates Expert Sleepers) is very active there.
Most likely you need to change your adat channel routing in your soundcard or interface. For example my RME Babyface uses a software mixing console to control routings within the Babyface.
changed the sample rate from 96 to 44 and gives me the result. the answer will be somewhere in some manuals. need to find it out now!
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