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Can anyone build me a rack attenuator and mute bank? (UK/EU)
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Author Can anyone build me a rack attenuator and mute bank? (UK/EU)
Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of buying a Behringer ufx1604 multitrack USB mixer. However, it records audio post eq, but not post fader, which doesn't quite fit my workflow - I want to multi track post fader and post mute.

(I really don't want to start a discussion on pre/post fade recording - there are other threads debating this)

So, I had an idea (always dangerous). Maybe I could get a rackmountable bank of attenuators and mute switches to run everything through before it hits the mixer - So I could record my volume changes and mutes from there, and the eq, fx sends and compression from the mixer.

However, this doesn't seem to exist. I'm looking for a 1u rack with 12 knobs and buttons to cover 8 mono and 4 stereo inputs. With 16 ins and outs round the back. It seems like an easy build for someone with the skills and tools - unfortunately I have neither - in particular, I have no idea how I'd go about making the rack mount case.

Is there anyone out there how could build this for me, preferable based in the uk or Europe, and how much would it cost?
You may find that given the amount of hardware involved, the project becomes too expensive to be viable. For example:

Connectors - 32 x £0.50 to £1.00 = £16 to £32
Rotary Pots & knobs - 12 x £1.00 = £12
Switches - 12 x £1.00 = £12
19" Panel or Case = £10 to £30

So you're looking at £50 to £86 for the hardware alone, but it could easily be double that

More for a good job
Plus labour

I'm using nominal amounts here to illustrate how it all adds up. A good 1/4" connector is easily £2.00+

Probably not what you want to hear, but I hope it helps in some way with your general plan

I assume you're into Eurorack ?
Maybe a Euro format panel may be cheaper/easier than full on 19" format
I thought it might end up being pricey.

Yep, an off the shelf euro attenuator bank might be the way to go.

Still open to quotes to get a definite price from you all though...

Or if anyone knows of a post fade record USB mixer....
Or maybe go down the route of a cheap/2nd hand analogue mixer and get a separate USB interface ?

PS - add UK/EU to your thread title and you might get a few more bites

Mods might want to move the thread anyway to the Looking For Builder sticky (or hang back to see how the thread develops)
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