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Modern Apple and USB 2 issues
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Author Modern Apple and USB 2 issues
Just a heads up for anyone who was thinking of a new mac and uses USB 2 gear for audio:
The T2 security chip marks the end of Apple computers (or Apple anything) for me. The apple can rot away in its walled garden.

USB 2 audio is garbage anyway.

the Cupertino giant has for decades fancied itself a champion of creative professionals and has featured musicians extensively in its recent advertising campaigns.


Many if not most companies in the "creatives" field have already dumped the Mac platform at least partly, because Apple's forced obsolescence and constant changes to the system are not cost effective for a studio to keep up with.

The only reason to use a Mac for music now seems to be if you have already invested in Logic, or need good MIDI performance or just can't be bothered to learn your way around Microsoft's mess.


has a tendency to take over the USB 2.0 bus when it synchronizes its time and date clock, which introduces delays to audio streams

I haven't checked Mojave but in earlier OS versions you can disable the time and date sync in the system preferences. I wouldn't be surprised if they have removed this option.
Panason wrote:
USB 2 audio is garbage anyway.


I've been using a RME USB2 interface for years on my Mac, not a single hiccup.
Eh, I was exaggerating. RME stuff is solid.
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