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Any cool DIY MIDI or CV controllers out there?
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Author Any cool DIY MIDI or CV controllers out there?
I'm currently thinking about and designing a controller specifically for use with the Make Noise 0-Coast, via it's MIDI in. I had thought of adding 2x Pressure Points + Brains, but that's £500 + the cost of a case!

My current idea is something based on the Buchla 114, but with one row of MIDI output (so, naturally quantised) and one row of 0->8v CV output, with the ability to sequence the values as well, using a clock and reset input.

I'm also interested in building something like a light controlled Theremin, or KOMA Kommander, again with sequencing capabilities.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so does anyone know of any cool DIY controllers? The wackier the better - I'm very interested in ways to control synths without a keyboard.

Feel free to show off your creations! smile
One possibilty if you are into DIY could be this:
A basic hardware and software platform that you can customize as you want to make it as you need
@shlumpfhut That does look interesting, if a bit expensive. I'm basing my stuff around Arduinos as well. I've already got a box full of electronic bits ready to go.
If you’re comfortable working with Arduino/Teensy, the sky’s the limit. Start buying all kinds of sensors wink
Also, after seeing this:

I think it would be relatively straight forward to build a MIDI / CV controller using the Teensy 3.6 I have in the cupboard and a 2nd hand Novation Launchpad 2 off eBay. That would mostly be a software development project, though, as the electronics would be very simple. smile
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