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simple morning find - intellijel hub mods
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Author simple morning find - intellijel hub mods
not the most fascinating thing, but a small fun thing I stumbled across this morning while finishing up something for a friend's installation... might be useful to someone else here

I needed to take 1 stereo signal and distribute it to three small amps that already had minijack inputs on them. Luckily rather than using a bunch of cable splitters I opened up an intellijel hub on a hunch, and yep all the jacks are stereo. They just don't have traces on the PCB for the second channel. So, use some cut resistor legs as jumpers between the jacks and now you have a 4 channel stereo mult. Useful for situations like mine, or maybe something like distributing your pocket operator clocks or things like that.

As a bonus there seemed to be enough room on the underside too that if you lay them down flush with the PCB you could also fit some thin diodes, like in4148, and still have clearance to close it. or stuff them into the center hole on the PCB and run the legs out from there (might want to heatshrink or insulate the legs from eachother then, maybe with nailpolish or something). Break the original traces and then you can make the hub into a passive OR/diode mixer.
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