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FH-1 with Sensel Morph?
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Author FH-1 with Sensel Morph?
I've setup the Sensel Morph to transmit midi notes on channel 9, to take advantage of velocity and aftertouch. I can monitor the midi it's sending on the computer, and it's fine.

But there's no response at all from the FH-1 when I plug it in. I've tried it both with a midi overlay, and with no overlay, which should act like a trackpad (HID) device.

The FH-1 works fine when I plug a keystep in.

The Morph manual describes it as a composite HID device. Would this be causing issues?

I have updated to the most recent version of the firmware, which addressed some issues with composite HID.

What should I do? I can write a device specific script if necessary, but if it's not communicating at all I figured that won't help?

The Morph manual describes it as a composite HID device. Would this be causing issues?

Probably. Can you grab me the USB descriptor? (I can elaborate on that if you don't know how.)
that was fast....

I don't know how to get a usb descriptor-- and stack overflow didn't give me anything of immediate use. I'm on a mac, though I can dig up a raspberry pi if it's easier on linux. I'm happy with the command line.
Here you go.
I stripped the other usb devices out of the listing.
Thanks. It might be an issue I recently fixed on the FH-2, in which case the attached FH-1 firmware might resolve it. If not, I'm unlikely to be able to fix it without a morph here to debug with.
Thanks, I've given it a go, but no joy.

I'll try running it through other devices, like iconnectaudio and see how I go.

I'll ask in the sensel forums as well. Maybe they'll send you one? Guinness ftw!

I'll post back here if I find any workarounds.
So it seems to work fine with axoloti as an intermediary.

This is ok, I can perform extra manipulation of midi signals as required before hitting the fh-1.

The sensel app is a bit limited; ie sends controller and note info on the same channel, which isn't what I need.

It also works by bluetooth to ios, so I could use the host to device workaround that way as well.
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