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ES-6 stopped working (solved)
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Author ES-6 stopped working (solved)
I have a (pretty new) ES-6 connected to an ES-8. It was working, but now all of a sudden the ES-6 doesn't transmit any signals (neither audio nor CV). All channels show up in OS X, the Input rings are glowing when a signal is connected, but none of the six inputs is transmitting anything to the computer (OS X).

ES-8 ist working. I checked all connections (power, rear ribbon cable, ADAT).

Is there anything I can do/try before sending it in for repair?

EDIT: Solved. Apparently the ADAT cable on the ES-8 popped out one day and I plugged it into the wrong ADAT port. So the right one to use here is the UPPER one (ADAT Input).

Lesson learned.
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