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Noobie questions regarding ES-40 and Ableton
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Author Noobie questions regarding ES-40 and Ableton
Hi all,

I'm new to modular but not new to DAWs and MIDI. I want rock-solid timing between my DAW and my modular and it seems that the ES-40 is the best way to go for me. I have a UAD Apollo so compatibility should not be a problem.

I'm trying to determine exactly what I need.

As I understand it, there are two types of data I'll want to send out - CV and Gate. CV would be the pitch of the notes, and Gate would be on off. The ES-40 will get the info from the DAW, I get that, so these questions:

1. Do I need both a CV8 for the pitch and a GT8 for the gate, or is there one expander that will let me do this? I don't intend to run multiple tracks out at once - I will run one track out to the module to render that back in as audio in the PC, then move on to another midi track.

2. Silent Way software is an additional charge - is this required or is there other software that is available when you buy the hardware?

Thanks for any help you can provide,

1. You can use an ESX-8CV for both.

2. You need something to encode the signals for the ES-40. The options I know of are Silent Way and the Expert Sleepers max/msp externals. If you were using the ES-3, say, there are more software options.
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