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Updated Master Legend
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Author Updated Master Legend
This document is several years old, and some of the symbols are known these days (thanks to some final touches from @mlogger), so I've updated the document.

I had originally posted it to the Yahoo group, but that seems dead these days, so I'll post it here.

If there are even newer symbols and/or more info, let me know and I can edit the doc with it.
You're a lovely man Rodrigo thumbs up
I saw this over on the C-L facebook group, and now here too! Easier to find here!

Thanks for this super resource! I was reading through the paper circuits osmond files and ???? at some of the symbols.
Super helpful!
This is brilliant, thanks for doing this.

I've been looking into the symbols myself and I agree with all but one of the symbols. I might be wrong of course! smile

I think the circle with a smaller circle and three terminals could be a 4.5 to 65pF variable capacitor (trimming capacitor). I've seen a picture of the deerhorns assembled in a workshop in Berlin (I can't find the picture now, of course!) and that is what it looks like to me.

I'm prepared to be wrong and I don't have Facebook so this might have been thrashed out already over there.

Edit: here's the picture:

I've looked in the Osmond PCB file for the Deerhorn Berlin, and that part is called "rrrcaptrim", so I think I am right and it is a variable / trimming capacitor. smile

I'll probably have a go at making the Deerhorn Berlin paper circuit (but on perfboard) when I've completed a couple of other projects.
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