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FH-2 + Digitakt USB Clock Issue
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Author FH-2 + Digitakt USB Clock Issue
When trying to use a clock signal from the FH-2 that is sync'd with the Digitakt usb output, it always sounds like it's lagging or phasing....

I setup a test where i'm comparing the 1/4 clock output to sequenced 1/4 midi gates and they are not aligned. In this scenario, the triggers should be aligned, right? (midi gate on 4 clock on 8)

When patching the midi gate to a voice, the sync is spot on, but something is off with the clock output.

Also the FH-2 is displaying a fluctuating BPM around 109.3 when I'm clearly sending it 110.

Here is a video of the issue...

Am I missing something here?
Thanks in advance for you help!

Don't worry about the displayed BPM number, that's just an estimate and not actually used for anything.

The video seems to show that the clock output (8) is happening slightly after the gate (4). Is that right?

Can you upload me the Digitakt song or whatever it's called? I have a Digitakt here but I don't know how to use it well enough even to program a straight quarter note pattern.
Thanks for the quick reply.
Good to know about the BPM display.

It actually seems to phase out of sync so I can't really tell if it's early or late.
When I first start the sequencer, they both start together and then phase away from each other after the 2nd beat. You can see it if you advance through the frames on the video.

I just managed to repro it here. I'll fix it.
Same problem here. Happy to know OS is working on it!!
Great service smile
os wrote:
I just managed to repro it here. I'll fix it.

Thanks Os!
This is great to hear.
Looking forward to an update.
I just posted v1.5.4 - please give it a try.
os wrote:
I just posted v1.5.4 - please give it a try.

It works! thumbs up

A few other questions related to this...

- What is the function of the panel button when the module is sync'd to an external clock? It seems to change the tempo but not clear about what it's doing.

- Is there a way keep the clock output running at the external tempo even after the Digitakt has stopped?

- In the web config tool, clock settings... the 'multiplier' is actually functioning as a divisor. no?

Thanks again for all your great work Os!

The function of the panel button is set in the settings. Perhaps it's starting the internal clock still and they're fighting, which would be something for me to fix.

Clocks stop when the transport stops. You could use a tempo-synced LFO though.

The multiplier multiplies the length of the clock - making it longer.
Ya, seems like the internal clock is fighting with the external when the button is pressed.

It would be cool if you could use it as a way to cycle through the clock 'base' setting for live/playable tempo variations.

Or just be able to use it as a 'clock mute' where it can temporarily disable the clock output even when the external clock is active.

Good idea with the tempo LFO!
And yes, makes sense about the multiplier. I had my brain on backwards.

how to setup midi clock from digitakt? i tried the settings above but i can't seem to figure it out. is it in the global configuration somewhere?
The FH-2 will follow MIDI clock from the Digitakt automatically if the Digitakt is sending it.

Or are you asking how to set up an analogue clock output from the FH-2?
far out, i think i forgot to setup digitakt to send midi clock. i am not near my gear at the moment but i am positive that was it. thanks for jogging my memory.

edit: yep, digi wasn't sending clock. corrected and all working now. thanks
I'm trying to use my Digitakt to parameter lock some variations on CV outputs in "direct control" mode...

I'm using and euclidean pattern on output #4, and i've set the output 5 to 8 as CV Outputs to modulate differents parameters from my Basimilus iteritas (cc messages on from my Digitakt).

When the sequence is running and i'm turning the different knobs, everything works fine, but when i'm trying to record that mouvements in my Digitakt pattern, nothing happen...Am I clear? Do you know why?
You can't plock anything coming from the fh-2, like euclidean pattern.

Double check the digitakt manual on the midi CC setup. There are a few steps to get it going but once you do it once, it makes sense.

If that doesn't work, say very specifically how you set up the Digi and fh2 together as well as what you are trying to do, and I will try to help.
Thanks Docsample!
I'm not trying to PLock the gate sequence coming from the FH-2.
I'm more trying to automate some paramaters of my eurorack module (the one sequenced by the euclidean pattern) with a digitakt pattern, which is not sending any gate, but only CC messages to CV outputs from my FH-2.

So basicely, on the FH-2 :
-Output 1 is an euclidean pattern
-Output 2 to 4 are CVs, with 'direct control' attributed to cc numbers, on midi chanel #10

On my Digitakt (midi channel #10) :
-my rotating knobs are matching the same cc numbers configured on my fh-2.

SO, when i press play on the DT, the sequence is running perfectly, and when i'm turning the rotating knobs, my parameters are changing nicely on my eurorcak module.

BUT, when i'm trying to record that mouvements on my DT, it doesn't work..

Am i clear enough? Sorry for my pour english..
Here is my setup on the webapp:

Ok, it finaly worked today... Dont know why but thats great smile
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