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Further problems with FH-2 and Keystep
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Author Further problems with FH-2 and Keystep
Hi Os,

Seem to be having continued problems with the above combination.

I have the beatstep pro going into (and through) the Keystep into the FH-2 by midi - no USB (eliminating the stuck notes issue).

Problem 1 - Get one random FH-2 freeze (at least one per 20 min session) - have to restart it.

Problem 2 - the FH-2 randomly changes its config to include a note off event triggering a different note and therefore doubling the notes played. Have to reload the config to fix.

Problem 3 - I thought the above was due to the display blank setting as problem 2 occurred after the display went blank once. So I restarted the FH-2 and set the display blank to 1 min to test - it was fine. However, the display blank setting now makes no difference - it is still set to 1 min, but it is not blanking out.

Hope you can help, sadly the FH-2 is not much use to me in this state.

Thanks in advance.
2) Can you grab the altered configuration so we can compare the before & after and see exactly what changed?

3) Yes, sorry, stupid bug. I'll fix that.
Thanks os. I’ll get you the config the next time it happens.

What about problem 1? Is it just related to the keystep? Is there anyway the fh2 can ignore the incoming midi clock (to see if that is the issue)? The fh2 is going crazy with clock information when the keystep is playing.

Not much to go on, unfortunately. Is it completely freezing (e.g. can't access the menus anymore), or not responding to MIDI, or what?

There's no way to disable incoming MIDI clock currently.
Completely freezing os. Do you have a keystep to test? Anymore info you need from me if not..
I do have one, but if you're going in via DIN MIDI it's unlikely to be specific to the Keystep.

Just to clarify, are you using the MIDI breakout, or a "USB/DIN cable"?
Midi breakout. That works better than the direct usb. Might I have a faulty fh2?

Are you seeing these problems with your keystep?
Problem 2 happened again this morning, so I connected the FH-2 to the config editor but it showed that nothing had changed. I then tried to save the config in the FH2, but it just saved the original config..

I also noticed that when the above happened, the gate was stuck on.

The note off event is a very low note - the same each time.

For clarity, it is a mono midi/cv with gate, velocity, env and aftertouch.
OK, that doesn't sound like a config change, it just sounds like a stuck note.

Are you on the latest firmware (1.5.4)?
I’m on 1.5.3. Have any changes been made to .4 to help us keystep users?

Are you seeing the stuck notes on your keystep?
If you're connecting via DIN MIDI there can be nothing specific to the Keystep.

In what circumstances are you seeing the issues? E.g. is the Keystep arpeggiating, or running its sequencer, or what? Is it sending MIDI clock as well as notes?
Hi os

I’m just running a simple mid tempo arp.

Yes it is sending midi clock. As I’ve said above, the fh2 display is going crazy with the clock data it is receiving. There is no way to turn this off on the keystep. Can you not see the clock with your keystep?

The answer must lie with the clock, which is why it would be good for the fh2 to ignore incoming midi clock if at all possible.
Bump. eek!

Do you think this is going to be fix-able Os?

I'm optimistic. I'm talking to Arturia and getting them an FH-2.
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