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this nostalgic sine patch..
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Author this nostalgic sine patch..
So i was watching some Moog Model 15 app demos and liked one of sounds, and decided i'd like to recreate it.

Some kind soul (thanks, david_2017) provided me a full screenshot of a patch from app:

After that i tried to redraw it into block-schemes for easier understanding (see photo):

It looks messy and i wonder if it can be streamlined for better application to other synths/environments? Or maybe there are alternative ways to get this sound?

Basically as i see it's mostly Sine OSC (with some help of sine lfo?) with a bit if white noise and filters. But i still don't seem to understand it completely, and perhaps missing attention to what is more important contributing element of this sound.

Reference to hear it:

it has some "organ" vibe to it, and i also got excited when author of video switched vco to lower octave (and perhaps detune? idk), and somehow it reminded me something very nostalgic... (on 7:37) or maybe like something you would hear from Oneohtrix Point Never? What do you think?
Oooo.... Thanks for that. I'll give it a try. Although I'll maybe follow the screenshot rather than your drawing. wink
ha-ha yeah sorry for that

please tell your experience if you do something (or even record results), would be curious
thumbs up This weekend's project.
OK, I had a spare minute, but away from my rack, so I thought I'd give it a preliminary sketch to get my head into it. The red lines are attenuators. I've marked the second VCO as LFO because the switch is pointing to sub-audio, but it'd be fun to try it at audio rate anyway.
we're not worthy great scheme

What does RLP mean?

I only see from model 15 documentation that one filter is intended to be 24db 4-pole ladder, while other is 10hz..10khz range (if i understood it right)
TBH, once you strip out the attenuators this patch isn't as involved as it looks. It's all in the interval of the sines. Bit of noise and reverb and you're golden. The rest is for a bit of expression.

And you've shamed me with your attention to detail. All I did was high pass/low pass/resonant low pass ("LRP") so you may get closer than I did if you're matching the filters properly.

I recorded a brief sample which I'll post shortly...
Would like to hear your results, yeah
Still waiting for the Freesound moderators. very frustrating

To be fair, I did submit half a dozen clips at once...
Here we go. I fear you'll be disappointed after that long wait. oops

I think if you get the interval of the sines right you're halfway there. The rest is very much hunt-the-sweetspot, hence all the attenuators. If you're paying more attention to the quality of the filters you'll probably get closer than I did.
I liked what i hear applause maybe not 1:1, but still has that "mystery" vibe

Thanks for your interest and help and showing your experiment
Going to try it yourself?
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