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50 page 1983 Music Easel guide, Rober Ceely
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Author 50 page 1983 Music Easel guide, Rober Ceely
I collect as many of these mid-century electronic music/instrument books as I can find; I probably have 100 now. With just a few notable exceptions they’re more often than not very inexpensive, and there’s nearly always some point of interest to be had (even if it’s just a psychedelic synth cover design). For a couple years now, I’ve been looking for this Robert Ceely joint, Electronic Music Resouce Book. Never having seen the book before, or even the cover, I didn’t know for sure what to expect. But, I had a feeling it might be an above average example, the author being a notable electronic composer and early electronic instrument adopter.

So I finally found my copy for $6, got it today, and I’m delighted to find an entire 50 page chapter devoured to the Buchla Music Easel (not to mention lengthy chapters on the 2600, Moog Modular, every EML synth, Polyfusion, etc).

Anyone familiar with this text? As far as I know it’s not available digitally anywhere. If I confirm this, I suppose I’ll have to scan it. Here’s a few photos:

Looks like it's a reprint of Allen Strange's music easel manual:

Is there a copyright page? I can't find anything about NEV Multimedia Publications and this may just be self published for lab use at New England Conservatory.
Yeah, that’s exactly what it is; it’s reprinted by permission. wow, I was so excited, I thought I’d found this huge unknown Buchla text.

None the less, there’s a lot of very specific modular documentation and instruction here. It’s pretty amazing.

Would love to see the chapters on the EML-200 and 401. Please keep us updated if you make a PDF.
Agreed, I am interested in the 2600 chapter as well as the chapters prior to being instrument specific (if that is the case).
Speaking of EML, I have another similar book, Electronmusic, by DeVoe, that’s almost entirely devoted to EML modular. It’s 200 and so pages with tons of hand drawn illustrations. It’s quite unique, and difficult to find, but well worth looking for. I believe I paid $40.
In reference to the above mentioned, Electronmusic by DeVoe book, I quoteth Sir Ruff on July 22nd, 2014, from a thread entitled, "EML Electro Comp Synth book help?":

Sir Ruff wrote:
mrfang wrote:
I'd love to see the 101 patch examples.

Anyone interested in pooling money so that one of us can buy and scan a copy of it?

If no one else does first, I will get the copy out next week and scan it.

Yo, where's that scan B?
That's a total score for $6 though. Probably couldn't even print it that cheaply!
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