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[AVAILABLE] fuzzbucket delay/fuzz euro SMT 8hp
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Author [AVAILABLE] fuzzbucket delay/fuzz euro SMT 8hp
Winner of the synthCube 2018 Module Design Competition
Congratulations to Nathan Fraser and his collaborators we're not worthy

fuzzbucket is an 8HP eurorack fuzz and delay module made up of a two transistor fuzz circuit and an MN3005 bucket brigade delay (BBD). Unlike most delay implementations which aim to mask sampling and reconstruction error, the Fuzz Bucket provides direct unfiltered access to delay line inputs and outputs as well as override of the BBD clock. All of the aliasing, distortion, and clock noise peculiar to bucket brigade delay is celebrated as a primary effect instead of being hidden away as an unwanted problem. In addition, a silicon "fuzz face" is grafted onto one of the audio inputs, to add some extra colour.

DIY-friendly SMT design, approximately 75 parts total

We are offering the black magpie panel version, with the grayscale aluminum version coming soon!

please feel free to use this thread for build notes, comments, questions etc

here's the link to the store:

the original Contest thread is referenced here:

early video demo:
This looks like a fun project. Fuzz + BBD delay + artifacts = some sweet noise nirvana.

Email sent smile
we're also happy to say that we'll have the grayscale aluminum panels coming out within a few weeks for the fuzzbucket-- we love what Wes did with the design for this one!

I've prepared a Mouser cart for this, although there are a number of out-of-stocks with the 'global component shortage' currently. 8cd5f

Also attached is a sheet with detail for sourcing the remaining components on the BOM.
thanks for doing this! generally, passive components with similar specs as the BOM parts are sufficient-- for example 1% tolerance resistors, etc...

just to mention it, this module is designed around the xVive MN3005 IC. We do have a small stash of original NOS MN3005 in case anyone is curious about how those do in the module vs the xVive ones.
I built this at the weekend and it's a bit of a wild animal grin

A bit of experimentation found that it can be tamed - the bass in the track below passes though the "clean" side and im tweaking the level of the "fuzz" side of the circuit throughout, bringing in snippits of! equencer-instruo-csl-fuzzbucket-delay

[s] r-sequencer-instruo-csl-fuzzbucket-delay[/s]
looks great! what does it sound like? can't find any demos of it, aside from the one above which doesn't sound like the description, seems very tame.
Below are some links to some raw sample sounds. The output has been recorded directly so the clock noise can get pretty tiring, sorry.

In the first two examples, no input is connected. The unit is adjusted to self-oscillate at three different rates from high (short delay time) to low (longer delay time), by increasing the level of the A or B input volume.

Feedback via input B:

Feedback via input A with Fuzz:

In the rest of the samples, an input (dry) signal is recorded to the left channel and the module output (wet) signal is recorded to the right channel.

A large input signal modulates a delay line in full feedback oscillation:

A slowly varying pan pulse signal interacts with a full feedback oscillation:

Some sample and hold bleeps aliased, echoed and distorted:

Organ pad played into delay line with tuned clock speed. Clock is very slightly de-tuned and feedback added.

Playing a dorky sequence into the BBD clock.
Build help anyone? I'm super-new,and apparently not very adept at DIY SMT kits, because this one shouldn't be so hard. But I can't get it working. Does anyone have any pointers of common things that can go wrong?

I'm getting just a horrible screech from Out A and Out B, until I turn crank the levels of everything and then it hits total feedback and self-oscillation like it's going to explode.

Something I could test for with a multimeter maybe?

I've cleaned the whole PCB, and reflowed practically everything already.

[img][/img] (Google photos cause I can't upload yet)
jponsford wrote:
Build help anyone? [...] Does anyone have any pointers of common things that can go wrong?

I'm getting just a horrible screech from Out A and Out B, until I turn crank the levels of everything and then it hits total feedback and self-oscillation like it's going to explode.

Incorrect placement of resistors is an easy mistake that will make it sound drastically different, otherwise It sounds like the build might be working fine. Your components appear to be in the correct position from that photo.

Does the horrible screech change frequency when you change the rate knob?

There are no filters on the bucket brigade section, so you'll hear the clock on the output if it is at an audible frequency.

If you set the knobs as follows, and plug a signal into input B, do you get an output that matches:

- clk bias mid-way
- rate knob 3 o'clock
- fuzz fully counter-clockwise
- input A level fully counter-clockwise
- input B level 3 o'clock

Then vary the rate knob - does the delay time change?
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