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Paia 9771-15 power supply spade terminals?
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Author Paia 9771-15 power supply spade terminals?
I just put together the 9771-15 power supply kit, but I dont like the way the cord connects to the AC wal-wart transformer.
I want to put spade terminals on the ends of the wire for a much better connection.
It looks like 18AWg and 1/4 spade should fit but want to be sure.

So thats my question should I get the 1/4 spades for 18AWG or different size?
You received an AC wall-wart transformer that plugs into an outlet, but this transformer doesn't have a cord, instead it has two screw terminals for connecting your own cord (wire). You are correct; rather than wrapping the wire around the screw terminals, you can use spade connectors. If the 1/4" spades fit, go ahead and use them.
Sorry, I should have been more clear.
I meant to ask. will a 1/4 spade terminal fit the screws on the transformer?
and is the wire 18AWG?
The PAIA manual specifies that if the transformer has screw terminals, the kit includes a length of 18AWG wire.

If you are looking for something specific on what crimp-on connectors fit what screws, maybe someone else knows that and can chime in. You probably already know to take your transformer to a place like an auto parts store, where they sell connectors, and use it to find a suitable connector. Or buy a box of assorted connectors. There are no hard and fast rules here - you'll find something that works when you see the connectors.
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