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Creel Pone
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Author Creel Pone
This great album is where I got my profile name from.

Want to recommend or talk about any other Creel Pone releases? I'll start with this one.

A classic of the atonal 'war in outer space' school with plenty of (unintentional?) distortion and tape hiss. One stand out is the first track, Metallika Glypta III by Michael Adamis, which starts out like a walk through a eerie forest before suddenly going all Faust/Neubauten in a pagan cave. Another is Nikos Mamangakis' Olofyrmos where fractured, heavily reverbed, bells alternate with shuddering orchestral/string textures before dying out in a satisfying drift of pink(?) noise and discrete metallic clangs. Highly recommended.
I've got serveral Creel Pone releases. My favorites are:

Herbert Eimert: Epitaph für Aikichi Kuboyma.

Ruth White: Flowers of Evil & 7 Trumps from the Tarot Cards.

OTOH some if their releases don't work for me like Tod Dockstader's recorded music for film radio and television. I've both of them but had to realize composed tracks are much more of interest to me. I dig very much his Eight Electronic pieces (not on Creel Pone IIRC) though.

Thanks for drawing my attention to Creel Prone again. Since their releases are not boxed but just as slim as a CDr I usually lose sight of them. Now just have digged out and running: André Almuro Musiques experimentales. Cool!
Have both the Ruth White albums but only listened them once, a bit too 'sixties' for me.

The Eimert is available from a website that only uploads long out of print releases and respects the rights of the artists so will try before I buy if it's still available that is.

Dockstader's Eight Electronic Pieces is good but I much prefer the 3CD Aerial box of his shortwave recordings although it took me a few years to really appreciate it.

Reviews of the Almuro make it sound amazing. Thanks for the tip.
LaJolla wrote:
The Eimert is available from a website [...] so will try before I buy if it's still available that is.

I regard it highly mainly as a document for early electronic work. Especially interesting is the subject of this recording: Aikichi Kuboyama died after he was incidentally exposed to nuclear fallout after a bomb testing on the Marshall Island by the USA.

Sadly, I'm quite sure that the name Aikichi is pronounced falsly throughout the recording.

LaJolla wrote:
I much prefer the 3CD Aerial box

Never gave them a listing.

Creel Pone is no longer available via Mimaroglu Music Sales any other source?
wasn't creel pone related to mimaroglu??
it are bootlegs on cd'rs , they kindly stop with making them when there was a complaint from an artist(or related source) (this happended to a couple of titles)...b i guess if it gone it probably has to do with stuff like that.

since it are cd'rs i wasn't really into buying them and just go a digital file on a blog....
de_raaf wrote:
since it are cd'rs i wasn't really into buying them and just go a digital file on a blog....

They faithfully reproduced the original artwork though in CD format of course. Even the CDrs are black to resemble vinyl thus I prefer them over a download.

But then I'm hearing through my eye. zombie
cdr's get fucked too easly, than i rather buy a lp of something else old, small budget you know
got a bunch of these and wish i had more. i like the ruth white - tarots, gil melle - andromeda strain, andof course the pierre henry - cortical art III.
Mood Organ
Steve Birchall "Reality Gates" SlayerBadger!

I 2nd the Andromeda Strain OST, great stuff

Clozier/Lejeune is very good, too, if you like GRM synth/concrete hybrid stuff

FWIW I really enjoy some of the Dockstader library music

Anyone know what happened with CP? It seems to have vanished recently...
Mood Organ wrote:
Steve Birchall "Reality Gates" SlayerBadger!

SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
Creel Pone still seems to be out there...

However titles do get deleted along the way. I bought a bunch when the £/$ exchange rate was in my favour a few years ago.
Possibly Tochnit Aleph/Rumpsti Pumpsti is still stocking releases which are deleted by Creel Pone sometime ago.
de_raaf wrote:
wasn't creel pone related to mimaroglu??
it are bootlegs on cd'rs , they kindly stop with making them when there was a complaint from an artist(or related source) (this happended to a couple of titles)...b i guess if it gone it probably has to do with stuff like that.

They're both operated by Keith Fullerton Whitman. The whole idea was to do 100 releases of around 100 copies and then stop, which is probably why no new releases.

I have the 'NZ Electronic Music' one, which is very good musique concrete stuff from the Victoria University music department in the 70s. I believe they had a small number of Synthis and some reel-to-reel machines.

Interestingly, KFW had this to say recently in Wire magazine:

"From the early 80s onwards you had digital synthesisers and samplers like the Synclavier, you had computers," says Whitman. Citing the deterioration of outfits like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, he argues that "the early music made using digital audio technology has dated very badly".

He believes that the approach encouraged by sequencers and computers is "I'll fuck around and see what happens", whereas tape based music required so much planning and time investment, it led to superior results.

"For someone like Herbert Eimart, a two-minute piece took a month of 18-hour days to achieve. It involved sitting down with a piece of paper and scoring out your sounds, making a chart of all the different combinations. You get music that's really thought through."

The Herculean effort, the heroic spirit of risk-taking, imbues the music with an intangible but undeniable aura. "Also analogue just sounds better."
Mood Organ
LaJolla wrote:
Creel Pone still seems to be out there...

What I meant is that the titles have been deleted from the Mimaroglu Music Sales site and also the label site has been removed.

Hopefully not a permanent thing but I haven't heard any info

alright man let's talk about this fuckin' Creel Pone entity okay

And get ready there's about to be a little bit of philosophy jamming happening

I'm a well read cat. I think, at least, I used to be? My dad passed on to me a bunch of the early Keyboard Magazine books, multiple copies of Vintage Synthesizers, other books of that style and era. When I got to college I tried to steal every issue of the Computer Music Journal from JSTOR. There's a record store in Ann Arbor Michigan that I frequented for years in search of esoteric electronic music (college town library liquidation seems to have left the store with an endless supply of "The Hits" of early electronic and experimental music and Nonesuch modern composoers series). I worked fuckin' HARD to read as much as possible, and yet it seems like Creel Pone is a reissue library beyond anything I'd ever imagined. And to me, they just exploded out of nowhere one day by way of an unassuming little tab on Control's website. I couldn't figure out what it was when I looked at it online, but the first time I visited Control, I managed to snag a Creel Pone reissue of a couple of Chris Swansen albums, which absolutely blew my mind. I'd paid something stupid like 60 bucks for that same LP at a record show or something, y'know?

So time goes on, and my appreciation for musique concrete and the greater spectrum of early electronics grows to the point that I just want to go to Control to buy CDs. I couldn't give two shits about buying a module in a store if I can just grab 10 CDs essentially at random and hear the most amazing music I'd never conceived of existing! Visiting Hanson Records in Oberlin Ohio is similarly invigorating.

Anyway I'm just hanging out right now staring into the face of adulthood and listening to this real fucked up Luis de Pablo record and thinking about how stumbling ass backwards into Creel Pone through Control is identical to how it must have felt in ye olden days when whoever collected all this music actually found it. I've never gotten to be a part of a tape trading scene or collective, but I'm fascinated by it. Everyone always jibber jabbers about how this cult band only sold 11 records but somehow that music got transmitted through spacetime to become ultra influential, and the tapes were the medium. You passed them on to your tape trading friends and the music multiplied on it's own wavelength. It absolutely befuddles me now how much music we have to reflect on as electronic musicians, and how much there HAS ALWAYS BEEN. I always had this vision of electronic music being something that happened in somewhat isolated places-San Francisco, New York, Paris, etc. But now, as these Creel Pone CDs are showing me, it was happening all around, and nearly everyone did something FUCKIN SICK with it.

I just started a self funded and self regulated synthesis/composition research project, and these CDs are becoming my textbooks. I haven't been this engaged with the act of listening to music in years. I've been chasing volume and intensity and rock for ages and always wanted electronic music to hit me like a Jeff Rosenstock record but all the intensity in the electronic music I knew wasn't right. Throw me some well composed musique concrete or some bat shit amazing songwriting executed on synthesizers without all the pop production garbage and I am IN IT. This is on par with the feelings I had when I first discovered fucking krautrock. I didn't know this could happen again, and it's not like finding a good band where you get their records and then it's over-this is like finding out you only read books from one shelf on the biggest library in the universe.

alright now back here in sanity zone,

what's the scoop on Creel Pone? Why does Control have a supply of Creel Pone CDs that has lasted for several years and probably will last several more? WHY DID NO ONE TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT IN ALL OF THE THOUSANDS OF PAGES OF BOOKS I READ ABOUT ELECTRONIC MUSIC? although I gotta admit I still haven't jumped into Allen Strange so maybe that's part of my problem.
I think CP is just Keith printing off short runs to cultivate interest. Thanks for the reminder to check it out. The discography is so huge that it's a bit overwhelming to know where to dive in.
So many. "Couple" of faves..

Ruth White- Flowers of Evil
Zangoria- Insight Modulation
Nic Pascal- Complete Recordings
Chris Swansen-Pulaski Skyway
Conrad & Sohn
Tod Dockstader-Recorded Music For Film, Radio & Television
Douglas Leedy-Entropical Paradise
Cecil Leuter- Electronic Tricks
Amindav Aloni- Once
we have a bunch of these over at shop. some aren't listed on the site. we have more in store than on the site.

there's tons of weird interesting stuff in these releases. we play through some of them some days.
moogboy wrote:

A decent chunk of the CP releases came out of national and private institutions but many are private press one-offs, so unaffiliated, self-released albums that probably had no distribution.

Viewed that way it's not surprising they were forgotten, or barely known to begin with. Consider that there were probably a thousand punk bands that released one single between '77 and '82, ditto for rappers that released a 12" single around the same time, and the accepted history for each maxes out at, what, 50 artists?

For the far-reaches of the 20th century avant-garde I think the bigger question is "how did this stuff even come to exist in the first place?"
NU wrote:

For the far-reaches of the 20th century avant-garde I think the bigger question is "how did this stuff even come to exist in the first place?"

that's exactly what draws me to it. This stuff is so cool, and so vibrant, but also occasionally very far removed from the university system or even pop music world. I spend a lot of time wondering what the rest of the artists' lives were like and how they reconciled the art and their life.
I have collected all but a few. I creely creely like them.

You can buy most here.

I have copies of the Melbourne University Electronic Music original vinyl (mint copies) if anyone want to buy one PM me.
Hi, just wanted to let people know that a Creel Pone channel appeared on youtube a couple of months ago. Being completely unfamiliar with it, I was very happy to have accidentally discovered it while searching for a Thomas Hamilton piece another channel had uploaded and seeing that a channel called Creel Pone had posted the rest of the pieces from that record.

I can't begin to describe how grateful I am to have found this.
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