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Matt Morton / Apollo 11
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Author Matt Morton / Apollo 11
Hey all, is Matt Morton a wiggler? I can't remember but I follow him on Instagram. I know this should maybe be filed under Artist Discussion but I wanted to make sure all the 5U folks saw this. cool

He did the soundtrack for the recent Apollo 11 movie and only used instruments that were available in 1969, which of course included a large Moog modular! w00t screaming goo yo SlayerBadger! Kudos to Matt for his success and fine work! This is fun!


Here's his YouTube postings:

I saw those last two videos yesterday and was really impressed. What a talented guy! I really like his dynamic use of the echo.

I think it's great that synthesizers are making their way into mainstream audiences through other avenues than dance clubs.
My wife and I saw the movie last week at an IMAX theatre. It, and the soundtrack, were fantastic! Kudos to Mr. Morton.
I follow him on instagram too. He has a lot of great videos and pictures of his MU modular
A masterful use of the Big Moog!
The trailer brought tears to my eyes, just from the sheer quality of the beautiful new footage they've uncovered. Unfortunately all of the IMAX screens in So. Cal. are showing Captain Marvel (or whatever that new friggin' comic-book movie is called). I'll have to keep my eyes open to see if it shows in IMAX.

I'll probably just wait and buy it when it comes out on Blu-ray, since my home theater sounds better than 90% of non-IMAX movie theaters out there. (And it has a pause button, so I can accommodate my 66-year old bladder and not miss anything. help )
yeah believe it or not all movies that aren't captain marvel were cancelled this week in most theaters
Wow, this is an excellent sound track ... I will definately being following Morton more closely. Aside from it having great examples of 5u, I like how the 5u was integrated into acoustic instruments.

[ he btw has a cat on his keyboards .... hmmm ... ]
I spoke to him through youtube awhile back but had no idea about the film or his involvement in it. He has one of the only 3c videos on there because no one with modern Moogs are really publishing anything.

He is super nice and humble.
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