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Reactive amp load with variable attenuation
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Author Reactive amp load with variable attenuation

Not quite sure of the product I need

I want to be able to enjoy the cranked up tone of my valve amp but at domestic/sociable levels

I've had straight amp loads before, Palmer thing for example, but they always seem to have just fixed attenuation settings (rather than variable) and at the highest attenuation level I found the signal unconvincing

I understand that "reactive" loads are better as they reflect the fact that a speaker's impedance is related to how hard it's driven

I realise something like the UA OX would do it but that's first way out of budget and second just more than I need right now

So I want to hear MY valve amp (a Supro Tremo-Verb reissue) not a model of another amp/speaker, cranked up but at a volume that won't upset the cat, and I want to hear it through the amp's own speaker.

What do I need?

Most attenuators have a pot for variable amounts rather than switches--Rivera, Weber, etc. I've not really used any enough to make a recommendation. Webers are pretty reasonable though.
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