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DOTCOM Q182-RP20 Ribbon and Pressure Controller
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Author DOTCOM Q182-RP20 Ribbon and Pressure Controller
I'm contemplating spending more money on my bad habits--for which I am blaming Doug Slocum as enabler du jour--and I have been looking at getting a ribbon controller for a while.

The Doepfer controller is out of production, not particularly interested in the Eowave synth, and I am not in a position where I can do much DIY. There isn't a lot out there on using the synthesizers dotcom module aside from a couple short vids by Rodger Arrik and Steven Mendes, no proper reviews at least that I have run across, and not much here at MW recently on the concept at all. Certainly, Rex Coil 7 integrated a pair of them into his monster keyboard control rig, but he has not seeming said a lot about if/how well he likes them.

So, I was wondering if anyone out there who had one might relate their experience with it, if the unit is worth the $$ that the Q182-RP20 costs, and so forth. Or, if there is something out there that I've not noticed that I should consider.
My 2c:

I've had multiples of the Eowave and the Doepfer. I just bought the dotcom. My opinion: the Eowave is the best. It's the most "ribbon"-y of them all. The dotcom one is more like a keyboard with subtle pressure sensitivity. It's cool, but I think the Eowave definitely wins.
More comments: I haven't gotten my hands on one of the Continuums yet, but so far I think the Eowave is the best you can do until you get into 2.5k$ French Connection territory.
kcd06 wrote:
I'm contemplating spending more money on my bad habits--for which I am blaming Doug Slocum as enabler du jour

Hope I don't need to call my lawyer. Geez - this might become a class action suit! (and thanks for your recent orders!!!!)

Seriously though... It looks like Perfect Circuit has the Doepfer ribbon in stock - Euro style. Is that what you're looking for?
very frustrating

Never maintain cash savings again

They hadn't had them the last few times I had checked. Thanks Doug...I think
I have an RP-20, and I love it. I have had it mounted on top of my keyboard, but I enjoy using most by putting a guitar strap on it and slinging it over my shoulder. It plays more like a 'musical instrument' that way for me.
Rex Coil 7
... the ribbon itself is pretty much the same type of ~ribbon~ control that we have seen in many controllers over the years. To me, it feels like the little ribbon on the Micromoog I had. The thing I like about the Dot Com is not so much the ribbon, but the control module. 3 voltage ranges from 4/12ths, 2v, all the way up to 5v, "reverse" switch, "auto gate" with threshold control pot, manual gate buttons, et al. And to top it off there are two channels of all that stuff ... one for position, one for pressure.

If placed in the 4/12ths position the ribbon is limited to a whole step up and a whole step down. Of course, 5v is five octaves. So changing the "scale" is as simple as flippin' der switchenbutton. Used in connection with the Q147 Distributor and some imagination, depending on what your synth has in the way of tweeky shit (FM controls, pitch, VCA gain, and so on) there's a wide open world going on.

Beyond that stuff ... it's a ribbon. seriously, i just don't get it

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Rex Coil 7
kcd06 wrote:
...Certainly, Rex Coil 7 integrated a pair of them into his monster keyboard control rig, but he has not seeming said a lot about if/how well he likes them.
... no-one asked ... ya coulda asked. oops oops oops nodnod spinning Dancing Star


thumbs up lol Mr. Green hihi razz

... yer mom ...

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... no-one asked ... ya coulda asked.

Well, this thread likely constitutes a request for information... Also: at least I, unlike the dog, was at least paying attention to your giant-modular-synth-project-of-doom thread!

(The cat was--of course--only feigning disinterest.)
Rex Coil 7
.... there's these things .... an alternative "ribbon" controller ... one is a ribbon, the other is a "ring controller" thingy.

Rex Coil 7
Rex Coil 7
Oh man ... I totally spaced that you HAD asked me about the Dot Com ribbon .... I completely blew it here. My apologies, seriously. I just found this in my inbox, it goes back to March of this year.

Guilty of "felony stupid" on this one!!!

kcd06 wrote:

As I recall, you have a couple touchstrip/ribbon controllers for your system, and they look like the DOTCOM versions. You've been using this stuff longer, and from a wider variety of manufacturers, than I have. You liking the DOTCOM ribbon and madule, think its worth the $520 that they are asking--at least compared to the 3-4 others available on the market?


... earthbound misfit, I ....


... btw, my wife just bought herself the Doepfer A-198 ribbon with interface module. So inside of about ten days or so I may be able to offer some information that compares the Doepfer with the Dot Com based on hands-on testing.

meh. meh. meh. meh.
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