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MOSLAB System 15 Screws?
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Author MOSLAB System 15 Screws?
Hi, folks,

I need a handful of screws compatible with the stock System 15 racks sold by Sebastien. I’m talking about the ones to screw modules in place.
Anybody know the specs of these, and where to get them?

I don't have one of his cases but the wood screws DotCom sell might be a good bet? hmmm..... Not sure if the size and finish is the same . . .

What would be better though is to just take one of your screws to any decent hardware store near you and pick some up. An employee should be able to help you get the correct size and if they don't have ones with the right finish keep looking. (at least you will have discovered the correct size! hihi )

I'm not sure what hardware stores you have near you but around here the ones I would try are:
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