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Need Help Building Modules
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Author Need Help Building Modules
I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am looking for help building modules. I have a few designs, and some money saved up, but I don’t know anyone irl that could help me. Please shoot me a private message if you can help. I would like to eventually start a company and I am hoping that this post leads to that, and to meeting some cool people that are looking to take on a new project.
Welcome to Muffwiggler!

There's a ton to learn. I would suggest that your first stop would be the Music Tech DIY forum. There you'll find a ton of free resources, folks sharing designs for cool circuits and so much more.

Happy Reading and good luck!
Okay, I’ll check over there. Thanks!
You may be more likely to get some responses if you can be more specific about what you're looking for. To most people "building modules" means literally constructing them, one at a time yourself from a pre-existing design, either using kits or partial kits or sourcing parts yourself and just working from plans. But it sounds like instead you're talking about going into the business of manufacturing modules commercially with "designs" of your own (and different people may have very different ideas of what counts as a "design"... sometimes it just means a sketch of a panel, other times it means a complete set of plans ready to send off to manufacturing contractors). Depending on what you have in mind, the help you need could be anything from "how to solder" to "how to use 2D CAD software" to "how to do double-entry bookkeeping" to "how to follow the etiquette of the Chinese business community."
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