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The Whales of Haumea.
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Author The Whales of Haumea.
My dog how I love my Buchla. I can almost just spew out tracks, it's timbres are as out of another world. And with a good reverb and delay, I'm countless of lightyears away from Tellus.

Again, the same patch as my last two movies. This time it is only the easel that is granulated. The combo Easel, Belgrad and Clouds have proved to be simply amazing.

In this piece we are far out in our solar system. Specifically, among the haumaeich whales swimming around Haumea.

Wonderful tune! The reverbs and delays really make up an atmosphere.

How many tracks and/or takes, if I may ask?
Beautiful! thumbs up
Please tell us more about the reverb/delays on this track.
Is that Clouds only?
Like it a lot!
Thanks for posting!

What wonder there is in the variegated masses spinning their way through the outer reaches of the Oort Cloud.

Thanks for posting.

Thanks guys smokin'

@wyrtti. One track and one take. I usually do it this way so I get rehearsal for live work as well.

@vytis. I use Eventide Space and Timefactor on the Easel. On Clouds I use its own beautiful reverb. I take the Easel sound into Moddemix directly from the Easels topside audio outs for filtering in the Belgrad and then into Clouds. Clouds is being modulated by different modulators. Its the same patch as my previous two movies. I also play the keyboard on the easel while manually tweaking Clouds. Espesially the Density knob.

@notmiserlouagain. Thanks Mr. Green

@mirf59. Thanks for the Ooort Cloud. Now I have something new to make music to smile
Thanks Geir! Gorgeous reverb/delay from these Eventide pedals. This is fun!
Yes they are. I especially like the Space.
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