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Digitakt - FH-1 - Bassimilus Iteratus Alter
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Author Digitakt - FH-1 - Bassimilus Iteratus Alter
Hi all,

I'm pretty new to all this so i may be missing something really obvious (hopefully i am)

I have the above setup at the moment and have noticed recently that possibly the modulation on each step sent along the path in the subject, is possibly not getting to the BIA on time.

I noticed that what i was expecting to happen on steps often didn't, and after a little bit of testing I worked out that the modulation is 1 step behind on many steps. ie If i want a snare sound from the basimilus on step 4 i'd have to up the modulation to create a snare sound on step 3 also to get it to happen on step 4. Its almost like it can't react quick enough maybe?

Is this a thing? Has anyone else ever noticed this?

I don't even know if its the FH-1 at issue here but posted here first to start trying to troubleshoot.

many thanks all smile
I've discounted the FH-1. The BIA is acting the same when sent a gate and velocity modulation from the Beat step Pro's CV outs.

It's a clock setting that you have to change in the menu D
The division has to be changed

Let me know if you need more information
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