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Random*Source Serge 4x4 panel dimensions
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Author Random*Source Serge 4x4 panel dimensions
Working on 4U Serge and made this photo for panel dimensions. The spacing from the side of the panel to the mounting holes (9mm) seems a bit more accurate than the inch dimensions. I suspect the actual size is in millimeters, but 4.25 x 7 inches is quite close.

I couldn't find this information elsewhere. It's useful if you're building your own case for the 4x4 series.

Cheers - might be popping down this route
Yellow wrote:
Cheers - might be popping down this route

A wood case is in the works for this project. After it's built, I'll post more information about it on my blog.

A word of advice to those ordering 4U R*S partial kits, most of which include a populated SMT PCB, along with a panel. Several of the build docs are out of date or have mistakes in them. Don't order parts until you've received the kit and compared it with the docs and BOM. Some of the newer designs (2018) have more parts already soldered on, such as capacitors and trim pots, but the BOM refers to an earlier version. Some SMT versions are accompanied by build docs for through-hole versions.

I must say, though, that the circuit designs appear to be top drawer. I say 'appear' because there are no schematics. However, the use of parts such as THAT 2180 amps is indicative. I am looking forward to listening to the whole system.
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