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Roman 207 V3 attenuating HF in proportion to channel level?
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Author Roman 207 V3 attenuating HF in proportion to channel level?
Built a V3 of the 207r for a customer and noticed the high frequency content diminishes on each channel as the level is reduced from maximum. My customer also noticed it. I don't remember if earlier versions did this, might anyone know if this is expected behaviour?

The 292 Combo Mode behaved purposely in that regard, combining level and timbral control so a signal appears to recede into the physical distance as level is decreased.

Can't find a copy of the original Buchla site with individual module descriptions anymore :(

Edit: Most of it apparently occurs between 9.0 and 10.0, full volume.
mritenburg storical/b200/207-mixerpreamp.html
It's not a deliberate feature but given the design (i.e. completely passive up to the summing amps with no pre or post fade/pan buffer amplifiers) it's not surprising either.
I installed the six surface-mount components, wonder if that might also matter. Dave Brown's page only details versions 1 and 2 and makes no mention of spectral shift.
I’ve got both (my v3 is not done yet) but if you wanna send me a file to use as a reference I’d be happy to try and confirm/deny what you’re experiencing as “normal behavior”.
It's not here, it's at my customer's place. Blow some white noise through each channel and see if there are any timbral changes as you reduce from maximum to say 9 then to 8 in level. Appreciated.
i have a V3 Mike, i'll check it out.
Thank you! I installed the SMD components which give the sliders a log curve but according to Dave Brown's page also change the impedance, unsure if that would be causing what is going on.
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