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Disting J6 Mutisample Beatstep Pro Pitch / Gate Delay
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Author Disting J6 Mutisample Beatstep Pro Pitch / Gate Delay

I've recently bought a Disting Mk4 running V4.10

I'm trying to get J6 Mutisample working triggering Drum Samples with my Beatstep Pro, using one of the melody sequencers.

The samples are being triggered before the pitch CV is changing the sample (I think) so sequence playback effectively lags one step behind.

Using a MiniBrute CV outs to trigger it works fine. I can't find a way to delay the trigger out from the BSP (though there may be one).

Does anyone know if there is a way to delay the gates out from the BSP?

Is there a way to delay the trigger in the Disting?

The trigger in the disting is already being delayed, for exactly this reason.
Thanks for the reply. Any ideas why I'm still experiencing the sample playback lag? I have newest version of Disting firmware (4.10). I will record the cv out from the BSP and see if that is in spec.

So I recorded the cv from the BSP (attached) the gate seems to be roughly 0.6ms advanced of the pitch cv.

It' such a tiny amount! Never the less it seems to be causing a problem.

I have asked Arturia if this is normal or not, I await the reply.

Should the trigger input delay on the Disting compensate for this?

0.6ms is about 30 samples at 48kHz, which is really quite a lot.

It's more than the disting's trigger delay, hence the problem.
Thanks again for your reply! I’m trying to get more info from Arturia and will post what they say.
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