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ES-8 vs. ES-3 via Adat, Timing ? / ES-8 + ADA8200 ?
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Author ES-8 vs. ES-3 via Adat, Timing ? / ES-8 + ADA8200 ?
I have a Behringer USB audio interface with adat ports ( UMC 1820 ).
Would there be a difference if i connect a ES-3 over adat to that audio interface vs. connecting a ES-8 over Adat to same interface ?
i ask in regards to timing ! only CV signals, only outputs (ofcourse)
just for completness:

i need a second CV out module for a second computer. I have allready a ES-8,
and thought to add the Es-3 mk4 to my UMC1820 might be my best ticket vs. $ and vs. buying a second ES-8

i can expand my ES-8 with a Behringer ADA8200 ( Adat, 8in-8out, audio converter) to get 8 more "normal" (AC coupled) audio outs, right ?
The Es-8 will work like the UMC1820 would do as a "Host" for 8 additional (AC) audio outs from that Adat audio converter, right ?

trying to get up two similar setups,
each capable of doing 8CV outs as well as 8 audio stream outs, in similar audio quality and similar timing. ( ...beeing on a budget )
(its late, hope i was clear enough wink )
That all sounds like a good plan.
Haha, nice short answer wink

Thank You os
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