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Moon 511D - faulty switch
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Author Moon 511D - faulty switch

The manual gate button on my 511D goes in... and stays there! I to have use needle nose pliers to gently pull it back out. very frustrating Has anyone else had problems with Moon momentary switches?

Should I try to replace it or is there a lubricant or standard resolution for this issue? Not sure what to do. I certainly don't fancy sending it Germany....

(someone on another forum said "Gert uses cheap switches" I don't know if that is true or not. It seems unlikely given the overall quality of the modules but curious about your experiences.)
One of my 511Ds has a similar issue, though not as bad as yours. There is some resistance at the bottom of travel that slews the rate of return- it does pop back up, but not as quickly as it should.

The good news is that I was able to quickly fix it by doing 2 things. I pulled it upstairs to the workshop and gave the switch a shot of Faderlube and this helped a bit. If you shine a light between the PCB and front panel from the top of the module, you can see on the top of the body of the pushbutton switch there is a small opening. I just put the nozzle in there and gave it a small squirt, then worked the switch.
The second thing, and I was surprised how much difference this one made, was to back off on the tension of the retaining nut for the switch. I think it had been torqued just a little too tightly and caused the plunger to catch on the body at the bottom of travel.
I just put it back in my system and it works as well as any of the others now.
BTW I didn't see anything I'd describe as low-quality parts and the workmanship is top-notch.

If you do need to replace the switch it shouldn't be too difficult to repair. If you're not DIY-friendly, it would be like a 6-pack-of-craft-beer job for a friend who is. Most the time and effort would come from removing the faceplate and the whole thing shouldn't take more than 15 min total.

EDIT/PS: actually, you should probably begin with the second step of slightly loosening the retaining nut. This might fix it without having to even pull the module from your system
good news! Switch working perfectly now.

I first tried loosening the nut as suggested, but that wasn't the cause so I used just the smallest amount of wd40 (I know don't kill me) on a qtip and applied to the button and worked it for 5 minutes and now it right as rain. Just needed some lube.

I have it running now - love this module. thanks u/pulse_divider for replying!

thumbs up
That type of switch design is often problematic. While I think it was clever of Switchcraft to repurpose 1/4" jacks into push button switches, they often stick, at least the ones I've had from and Moon, plus they aren't very positive acting or easy to press. Much better switch choices out there but these 'jack buttons' get used a lot in MU modules because that's what Moog originally used and they have the look and charm people want to see.

Replacing the existing switch with something better (if you are an obsessive compulsive DIY hack like me hihi ) can be challenging since there are both depth concerns and the fact that the exising switch hole is quite large. A small additional toggle switch could probably be placed above or below the push button and by using one with center off, always on up, and momentary on down positions not only could the momentary fire action be improved but the always on up position would allow the module to be easily used as an LFO. I modified my 511D by replacing the red momentary push button with a somewhat weird on/off toggle switch that I happened to have around (I think I got it from a Radio Shack store closing sale) that fit the existing switch hole. It doesn't have a momentary position but switching it on and off again is pretty easy.
I definitely put the 'hack' in DIY hihi I think I have that switch - and yes, from the shack.

I am seriously considering swapping it out- it looks really great. But I have to finish this MU DUSG panel wiring first.... very frustrating

Question on using an on/off switch in place of the momentary: you mentioned the 'on' position making it an easy lfo. Doesn't the repeat/loop switch do essentially the same thing? I guess I don't understand the exact reset staging on this thing.
Voltage_Controller wrote:
you mentioned the 'on' position making it an easy lfo. Doesn't the repeat/loop switch do essentially the same thing? I guess I don't understand the exact reset staging on this thing.
With the 511D, when the Normal/Retrig switch is in the Retrig position, the envelope only loops or acts like a LFO when there is a gate present at the input jack or the Manual button is held down.
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