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Rare Curetronic 6U rack...and power suplly questions!
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Author Rare Curetronic 6U rack...and power suplly questions!

I just purchase this beautiful and rare 6U rack from Curetronics,i am in love and it's time to jump to the 5U!

Vco's are awesome and have a nice FM modulations,for the rest of the modules the Tool and VCA are simple but work great!

So i have some questions about the(big) power supply inside,to the back of the case there are two XLR sockets male and female i guess its for to feed another external rack?right?
There two fuse 230v/ 1600ma?

I need some advice about this power supply,it is really big for only 4 modules.
I have write to Curetronic but no respons... help
It looks like a pretty standard linear regulated power supply. It's hard to tell from the photo but it does look like the same ribbon cables used for power are heading to those XLR's to feed a passive cabinet.
Yes exactly!One of the ribbon go to the XLR output for to feed another case!
The two fuses are some 230v/1.6 A for positive and negative rail,so i guess i could add many modules?But how to know how many?
The fuses burn to 1600's very large for only 2 VCO's,1 VCA and the Tool module,i imagine than i could add 6 more analogues modules?
Thank you!
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