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ModyPoly questions (midi out, hires)
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Author ModyPoly questions (midi out, hires)
I recently purchased a ModyPoly (and layouts) and a Polysex Mod. I installed the ModyPoly and love it so far. I have a few ModyPoly questions:

1) I am sending MIDI out from the ModyPoly Polysix to a Korg MS20M (the full sized desktop module). The Polysix works as a controller for the MS20M though the "As Sounds" mode is not sending Arpeggios to the MS20M nor is it varying note priority. Could this just be a limitation of the MS20M or might I have an issue with my installation? I also tried on a MidiboxSID with the same results. Ihave verified that other config menu functions work - such as the S/H. I would also like to note that I have not wired the pitch bend control yet - not sure if this is relevant. Do you have any troubleahooting tips?

2) I noticed that there is a version 2 ModyPoly manual but the link is not working. Is that manual applicable to the ModyPoly I purchased last month or is it only applicable to newer ModyPoly?

3) I see that the new HiRes mod is available which adds Portamento. I am very interested in this and will likely order this week. Are there any ModyPoly config menu changes associated with the HighRes mod? If so, will updated overlays be available soon?
1) This very much sounds like you are actually sending or receiving the 'as-played' channel. Something that is often missunderstood: In the config menu you don't use the 'as-played' and 'as-sounds' keys to switch between those modes, but rather to select a midi channel for each. (or turn them off).

2) The Version 2 manual is currently being written and coming in the next days. You do not have version 2 installed, but version 1.6. Version 2 brings mostly HiRes support.

3) Changes not, but additions. So the overlay would be missing these parameters:
- portamento time adjust
- tuning selection
We are currently looking into having updated overlays manufactured, but lead times are long. So we currently recommend to use the normal overlays
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