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Some excess Oakley stock for sale
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Author Some excess Oakley stock for sale
From time to time I will have some excess stock I'd like to sell. If interested then please get in touch via the usual e-mail.

Complete Modules

These have been built be me, ie. Oakley Sound Systems, and are my prototype builds that have been used in my own modular. They have natural finish MOTM format Schaeffer panels and are fully working and tested.

Shipping is 5GBP within the UK, or 9GBP elsewhere in the EU. Mounting screws and power leads are not provided. I can supply power leads if required for 5GBP each. Please let me know the length required.

Looping ADSR/VCA This is the previous issue 4 version. Price is 110GBP.

SVF This is the current issue 5 version. Price is 110GBP.

Ring Modulator RM4014 This is the current version. Price is 85GBP.

Pre-populated boards

Theses are pre-populated circuit boards that have been built by me and used to test the designs, or that have been used in my modular. They don't include the socket boards - it's just what you see in the pictures. Shipping costs are as usual, 5GBP for UK and 9GBP for elsewhere.

PSU issue 3.1 Built in 2017, light use only. Price is 45GBP

0.68 ohm resistors fitted for current limit of 0.9A, although these could easily be swapped out by purchaser for other values.

Journeyman issue 2 - current issue. Built in 2014. Price is 75GBP

Pots have long 6mm knurled shafts but I can supply brass collars if you need them to fit onto 1/4" knobs. This is the single width 'filter core' version but I can solder the additional resistors if you need the double width version.

ADSR Upgrade issue 2 - current issue. Built in 2018. Price is 50GBP.

Pots have 6.25mm (1/4") solid shafts.

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