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FH-2 maybe power issue?
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Author FH-2 maybe power issue?
I received a FH-2 today. Having an issue where suddenly every LED on every module in my case begins to blink.
Sometimes it's immediate, as soon as I plug something into the FH-2, for example. Other times, I might be using it for five or ten minutes. Thought for a bit it was shorting against the metal side of the case, so I switched positions. But that's not it. I can't reproduce the issue reiiably. That is, I can't deduce what's causing it.
When I unplug the FH-2, things usually reset. Sometimes it takes a few restarts of the case.
After shooting this video below, I thought maybe it's a power-suck. So I removed several of the larger modules with no effect.
Next step would be emptying the case, plugging in only the FH-2, and then refilling one at a time from there.

Any thoughts?

Edit: Trying to embed a video and I get an error. So here's a link:
That's quite spooky.

Is there something common to all those LEDs? E.g. do they normally flash at power-up or something?
At times. I've had this case for five years and I've never thought of it or noticed. But trying it this mooring it did and then it didn't. Video below.

ALSO, it looks like it's not directly an issue with the FH-2. In addition to the FH-2, I installed a new Xaoc Sewastopol v2 yesterday. In trying to figure this out yesterday, sometimes the Sewastopol was installed, sometimes not. This morning with the Sewastopol out, I ran the case (with the FH-2) for twenty minutes with no problems. But then as soon as plugged in the Sewastopol, there it was. (And it especially happens when, though I know one shouldn't do this, I plug in the module with the case already powered up. I thought I'd try it for diagnostic purposes.)

The common denominator so far is the FH-2. When I have time I'd like to repeat some of these things, leaving the FH-2 out entirely. And with the FH-2 but alongside other modules than the Sewastopol. And like I wrote last night, empty the case and install one at a time. I can also plug the FH-2 into my larger case with more robust power (though this one should be plenty) and see what happens there.

Update: it seems to be related to the case. I triggered the blinky a few minutes ago by merely plugging a cable into a Synthrotek VERB module. I don't know enough about circuits or electricities to figure out what that action has in common with plugging in or powering up the FH-2.
I guess I'll get in touch with Monorocket. Frustrating.

For what it's worth, the bit of playing I've managed with the FH-2 is spectacular. I'm using the OP-1 sequencers and keyboard for the first time with the modular and it makes me very happy indeed.
Updating this thread.
Never really solved this issue. As I mentioned previously, the behavior is unpredictable and seemingly random. It happens often enough for me to not trust the set-up (it would ruin a live performance, for example) but it's unpredictable and rare enough that diagnosing it seems like an impossible task for me.
My case is in two parts. It's a suitcase built by Monorocket, where one half is meant to be a more portable two-row skiff, mainly for guitar and external instrument processing. This half is the half I use most often so I wanted the FH-2 to live there. However, this is where the issue seems to lie. The power supply is less robust on this skiff, which may or may not be the issue (it could also be some problem with a particular nearby module or who knows what). Since I put the FH-2 in the bigger sub-case, no flashy weirdness. It'll probably be better in this other case, really, since that's where the EH-3 and all my clocking is installed anyway. Makes more sense there.
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