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clock division with 281e? (Todd Barton video)
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Author clock division with 281e? (Todd Barton video)
In this video:

"Buchla Layered Noise Patch"

Todd shows how to create three different timbres with noise. it's a bit unclear when it comes to the pulsating. It seems that he is using the A section of the 281e in freecycling mode and triggers the others, daisy chained from there.

but: he says something like "it's clock divided..." -- only: I can't get it to clock divide properly.

Is this just done by hand to delay the pulses? Or is there a secret clock division function that I can't get to?

vgermuse, are you reading this?

Thank you for help and inspiration

(LPT: watch videos on the gear you own, not stuff you think you want to buy!wink
Thanks for watching. Yes it is all done by hand and ear. No magic button or normalized function under the hood. This description might be a bit clearer

Thanks a lot Todd! The other video was in fact clear enough, I was just wondering if you had meticulously tuned the envelopes or somehow synced them.

So what do people use as a clock divider for Buchla, then?
Ah, programming pulse outputs on any of the sequencers 248, 250e, 251e, 252e. Or the 2TT from Northern Light Modular or Verbos 247v.
Ah! (If I had someone to carry my Buchla to my gigs, I'd get a 248 tonight! Alas! I carry it myself and like to limit it to a 12 space...)
Another vote for 2TT. It’s awesome!
I see. Maybe I should give it another look. The display really throws me off, and all the modes.

I'm sure it's powerful, but I can't connect with it from what I see.

Haven't had the chance to play with one, though.
Try to get an Eardrill Pendulum Ratchet.

It is the right one in my "smallest Buchla in the world" setup here in this thread:
There is also picture in the thread.
As much as i can understand that the menus of the OC and TU are deep and complex , it sounds almost a bit lazy to not spend an hour or two exploring it .
For me the versatility was the reason to port it to Buchla and pair it with the two other processors.
Once one of the 5 trigger outs has been programmed there is not much need to go back to the menu.
For example one can be a Euclidian sequencer with 16 steps and one of the CVs can be programmed to receive the amount of fill triggers.
And then just leave it like that.
One can be set to a divider or multiplier with fixed ratio or also with CV control.
And output number 4 will provide constant voltages that can be used to set those CV values.

When i showed it to Joel last year he was intrigued by the added random options in the lower half.
Both processor lanes can be used for that, or one side can host the swing (default)

And the latest firmware added four independent save slots.
So you can experiment with two dozen different trigger generators for different performances.
So, yeah, I am aware it is deep, but once set the display just shows the triggers, not the whole Lexica Germanica wink
Thanks weinglas and ArguZ, for your valuable input to consider.

I understand your frustration at my seeming ignorance/laziness. I promise I will give the 2TT a go if I can. ;-)

The Pendulum Ratchet is a bit hard to come by, but I've considered that before.
weinglas wrote:
Try to get an Eardrill Pendulum Ratchet.


Kind of a unicorn now tho.

Realizing my boat has a few unicorns now...

I would have loved to get the 4ms RCD into my buchla, 4ms even kindly offered to help me get it up to Buchla voltages, but I had the 077 on order from Eardrill already.

The CV controllable divisions and modes (odd, even, Fibonacci, etc) are so useful. the PR might be why my lust for a 252e never really grew that much.
So to anyone who has had a chance to compare them (or knows one or the other rather well):

What are the similarities and main differences between the pendulum ratchet and the 2TT?

They seem to follow similar philosophies but look like Moog vs buchla, variations on a theme?
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