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Serge Wave Multiplier techniques (?)
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Author Serge Wave Multiplier techniques (?)
Hello esteemed colleagues,

in my system the WM is the less used section, want to give it some love. I know the upper one is good as VCA and I use it like that, mainly. But wanted to find out more uses other than bending triangle waves.

When I send a sine from a self oscillating VQVCF it quickly escalate into aggressive distortion, not giving me what for example my BugBrand Synth Voice wave folder give in terms of, ehm, woodiness.

I have fun putting the lower one between the DUSG FMing the VQVCF, strange results.

How do you use it yours? Care to share some patches?

This is my system BTW

Thanks in advance for contributing!

I could have sworn there was a thread or video about his previously. The basic description given of them only begins to scratch the surface. With this model experimentation is best, Try all different wave shapes on the inputs and chaining the modules with feedback. It can get aggressive quickly so if you want to avoid that dont turn the knob too far. Sending low frequency to the bottom and middle sections with some modulation for weird pulsations and percussive sounds.
Take a look at this
Neovintage wrote:
Take a look at this

WOW! Super cool infos on that blog, thanks for the link !
arnoux wrote:
... When I send a sine from a self oscillating VQVCF it quickly escalate into aggressive distortion, not giving me what for example my BugBrand Synth Voice wave folder give in terms of, ehm, woodiness...

I think the basic answer is attenuation, static or dynamic. I built a three stage version of the Serge middle section because I found the 6 (?) of the Bananalogue/Serge WVX too much. But on that module, I can tame it just by lowering the CV amount. This is just another VCA that feeds the string of folders.

On the tone/timbre you're after, try feeding it a triangle rather than sine. There is an amount of rounding that happens in these folders, even when they're not really actively folding.

My only other tip is DC offset - this is where all the magic lies. Either mix in a static offset or LFO or gate another audio source and mix that with your main signal. Static DC will allow you to tune the timbre to taste, an LFO will give you PWM/ chorusing-type sounds and audio rate can sound like sheets of metal or ring mod effects SlayerBadger!

[s][/s] l

The Serge circuit is not as precise as the Toppobrillo in turning a sawtooth into a sine, but you can still do some phase modulation-type sounds described here: t.html
the lower section can selfoscillate, so it's possible to make bird sounds smile


user luketeaford has done extensive research on the vcm, lots of selfpatching!
Thanks for the mention! smile

Yes, the bottom section is very easy to make self oscillate. Just patch out 2 back into the inputs. There are many many many other ways to do it, too. You can create everything from complete drum kits to roaring noise avalanches to weird clicking.

The middle section can also self oscillate but it's harder to get it working without external patching. It will require patching it back into itself and twisting the knobs back and forth until you sort of smear the tone around and it accumulates a "critical mass". I'll make a demo of this and other techniques tonight. Patching through a filter before feeding back can create a sort of more interesting white noise or stable thick tones.

The most recent 5 or 6 videos on my instagram are self oscillating vcm or tws.

(Edited to correct typo of "vcm")
Many thanks for contributing, very informative and inspiring.

Last night I spent some time exploring the VCM, I recorded and filmed a bit of patches:

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