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greyfade label
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Author greyfade label
i am excited to announce that i am starting a new record label this year.

it is called greyfade.

the label will be releasing physical and high-resolution digital editions of algorithmically composed music, experimental electronic, ambient, and minimalist forms of acoustic and chamber music.

the first release is a duo recording from vocalist theo bleckmann and myself called LP1. it will be out on june 21 in vinyl and hi-res digital.

greyfade releases will not be available on streaming services. [why?]

the next scheduled edition is an album of algorithmically composed works for chamber ensemble from kenneth kirschner and myself, due out this fall, and then i will be opening it up to release work from other artists. i’m only planning on doing 2-3 releases per year, but i know a lot of folks here on this forum are doing stuff that might intersect with the label’s mission, so feel free to get in touch.

you can sign up to receive the label’s newsletter, or follow along on facebook / twitter / instagram.

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