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FH-2 Not listening..
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Author FH-2 Not listening..
Hey Os

Hope you can help and thanks for the missing link!

Most likely me not speaking to it in the right tone?

New FH-2 arrived a few days ago. First play all good.

Switched on this morning for second play (should it start up in previous state?) and couldn't get it to physically register changes.

So used config tool to set up two mini/cv channels, sent to module, no change.

Reload saved web page, receive from module, config appears as programmed. So its defiantly receiving ok just not effecting the hardware.

Setup in config is :
Channel 1 Ticked CV/Gate, Base output 1
Channel 2 Ticked CV/Gate, Base output 3

Output 1&3 -5 to + 5v
Output 2&4 10v

Chanel 1 on module blue
Chanel 2 on module off
Channel 3 on module red
Chanel 4 on module off

90% sure I did the exact above first day and got :

Chanel 1 on module blue
Chanel 2 on module red
Channel 3 on module blue
Chanel 4 on module red

When received 7 and 8 were red and are again. no configurations for them?

I did save the original setup I created on the module, saved a preset and a configuration plus calibrations for the 2 connected VCO's. (tried loading blank ones and resending config, no change).

When I booted the system for second play and it wasn't in the same state as previous use, I re programmed config and sent to module, when that didn't respond I loaded all saved stuff direct on module which gave my one working channel for a bit then got the other one working for a bit then none :-(

Using Chrome on Mac, High Sierra. I'm also getting the double output setup thing in Chrome.

Will try different Usb cable and IOS asap.

Is there a factory reset procedure I should try? Could't find in manual?

Thanks for any help or advice!


There's no factory reset as such, but there are menu items for resetting the preset and configuration to a default state.
Updated to 1.5.6

Chrome still some issues. e.g. couldn't get out 3 to turn blue, thought maybe a Led was not working?

Changed from Chrome to Opera, FH-2 seems happy and 3 does blue.

Thanks :-)

Will update if further issues.
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