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Anyone know of a +/-15V DC wallwart for AU 240V?
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Author Anyone know of a +/-15V DC wallwart for AU 240V?
Has anyone, on their adventures, come across a source of +/0/- 15V DC power supplies?

I am looking for wall-plugable units for 240/250V, preferably with Type I plug (Australasia/Argentina/Pacific).

Jaycar used to sell one, which was fine but not robust, but no longer.
Kevin Mitchell
The Mean Well P25A14E-R1BU comes to mind. It's input is rated 100v - 240v. Supplies +15, -15, GND and +5. It's the same thing used for the Model D Reissue power supply but with a different connector.

I've bought one and replaced the connector with a XLR-4 plug for a "DIY" Moog power supply.

Brilliant, that looks perfect! And good price too.

I see they also have one with +12V @ 2W (and weeny -5V) that looks good to. Jameco are disconinuing, but a Taiwanese brand like MeanWell should be OK to locate elsewhere.

Yes, the DIN connectors are terrible for power. And I am not completely keen on XLRs for four power either: I try to use the (Neutrix) Powercon connectors as the safest. (Powercon can be expensive, so it is good to keep an eye out for deals eg on Ebay.) Or something like the Amphenol EP-6-11P.

You probably won't need 2.5 A on +5V but might need more than 500 mA on +15V or 300 mA on -15V.
It's good to check what the system you plan to power with this PSU actually needs.
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