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Too much cabinet?
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Author Too much cabinet?
I have a question about cabinet size, which I'm going to ask even though I know what the answer will be. Has anyone here ever thought, "crap I built my cabinet too big, all of that blank space has been staring at me for years."

Now I know anyone who regularly visits this forum will say no, and those who say yes aren't going to be the type to visit Muff 5U every day.

I actually built too much cabinet for my Euro, but I split it in half. The half that I use is just about full, the other half sits in the garage. But if I fill the other half someday I'll have an epic Polyfusion cabinet full of Euro.

"If you build it... .. They will come.. "
josaka wrote:
"If you build it... .. They will come.. "

yeah, ............. what he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Beautiful cases, synthetic! love

JLR's Law Of Modulars (first draft)

1) Empty spaces in a case/cabinet are not allowed unless actively waiting for new modules to be built or delivered.

2) Modules currently owned MUST be in a case/cabinet unless actively waiting for a new case/cabinet to be built or delivered.

3) Often a patch can't be completed as intended without 1 to 3 modules you don't have.

4) When full, every modular setup/system will always be 1 to 3 modules worth too small to hold all owned, needed, or desired modules, regardless of the size and quantity of cases.

Dead Banana
John..I think you need to add a signed letter of intent clause to fill a case if you buy or build one..

guess your first rule kinda covers it.. but you need evidence of intent.. published !
Totally agreeing with The JLR constitution (No amendments needed).

I ónce suggested a guy with a lot of spaces in his system to have built in toolboxes, or maybe boxes for cables. Like small kitchen doors, instead of the panels.
Great looking woodwork!

The cable basket for some reason has me thinking. . .

The basket has a friend now for 1/4" cables.
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