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help me flash my first module (please?)(not MI)
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Author help me flash my first module (please?)(not MI)
hi everybody!

i've recieved all i need to flash my first modules (st link v2, olimex avr isp mkii) but i can't find any tutorials on how to use them to flash eurorack shit (am i that blind though??)
sure there's a lot for mutable stuff but if i'm looking for gmsn pure quantizer or antumbra rot8 guides, nothing! (and those ones require the olimex one if my understanding of the matter is correct).

So here i am asking for your brilliant minds to walk me through it, in the hope it'll be useful for some other poor lads as myself struggling with stuff they bought and don't know how to use in the first place haha

thanks a lot!!!!
Have you had a look at the Rot8 build guide here ?
yes i did but lots i don't get though as i never used avrdudess not the olimex before

for instance, it says connect the 65pin isp header to the modules, but on the olimex there are 2 6pin headers, one called PDI and one called TPI.. which one is it? then they say to use avedudess to upload the code, but how do i do that? there's lots of parameters to set on avrdudess that i don't know about, i really need someone to guide me through once and then i'm set for the others (or i'll find my way through but i need to be shown for the first time)
You should be able to use your ISP with AVR Studio

There are lots of YouTube videos showing AVR Studio usage.
I don't think the PDI/TPI stuff will work for what you want. I'm pretty sure you need something like this to use the olimex for programming a 6-pin ICSP header:

Or you can just wire up the 10-pin header on the olimex to the 6-pin header on the ROT8 using the diagram found on pg 22 of the olimex manual: AVR-ISP-MK2.pdf

When it comes to programming microcrontrollers, the pin count of a device/cable isn't what matters. The signals are what matter. So as long as you find what pins are MOSI, MISO, SCK, etc etc you can wire it up with whatever jumper wires you have on hand.
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