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Can someone with a 250e help?
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Author Can someone with a 250e help?
This may be a trivial question:

Can a 250e produce an “ideal” ramp LFO signal as shown in the attached photo. I guess you would need to use the interpolation function, but I am just wondering if that interpolation results in something more like the shown triangular LFO shape (or even a sine-like shape?).

By ideal ramp, I mean a shape that is (close to) geometrically/mathematically perfect.

I would also appreciate any info on whether this would be easier to achieve in a certain mode, like internal master clock vs cv stage adressing vs slaved to external midi clock etc..

Thanks a lot for helping me in my buying decision

By the way, as this is Buchla, obviously the ramp cv output would not be required to go from negative to positive, but from zero to positive
To get the ideal ramp you would do something like:

Stage 1 interpolated with max time and max voltage so the voltage rises the way you want
Stage 2 no interpolation with min time and min voltage so the ramp drops back to 0 immediately
At this point you could use a jump back to stage 1 to create a ramp loop, or program stage 3 the same way you programmed stage 1, etc.

Update: I just tested my patch using a 2 stage loop and it works perfectly.
Awesome! Thanks a lot!
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