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Moog ONE Music
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Author Moog ONE Music
This is a piece I created entirely on the Moog ONE, no other synths or external FX were employed.

Headphones recommended.
Very nice
Thanks, CoreInside!

The ONE is really a pretty incredible instrument, and I've really been enjoying programming and playing it.

More to come.

Be sure to check my synthblog, there will be more on the ONE very soon.
Fog Door
Yep, sounds really impressive, as it should for that kind of money smile
Thanks, Fog Door!

I've been working with it almost every day for a while now, and still feel that I've barely scratched the surface of what it's able to do. The keyboard is a joy to play, and the sounds that you can create range from softly acoustic to completely otherworldly.

Three complex synth layers, each with up to 20 modulation pathways available really makes an exciting selection of possibilities to carve your sound from.

Pretty much any "What if?!?" scenario I've been able to dream up has been realizable, although I've found that it really helps to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish mapped out before you get down to it. This isn't a machine that often rewards my casual knob twiddling, as it's pretty easy to end up deep in the weeds with so many possibilities.

Fog Door
Would also love to hear some of your "deep in the weeds" moments! Sounds like an absolute beast thumbs up
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