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Mike has passed away.
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Author Mike has passed away.
Mike McGrath, aka Muff Wiggler, has passed away. He was the head admin and founder of this forum. I don't know many details, and nothing I want to share. This has been terrible news for me and many others.
it's incredibly sad. my heart goes out to his family.

i was just looking at his FB page and going through his pics and it's just terrible.

i'm glad to have known him and met him. i wish things were different. I'm just so sad about this.

RIP Mike Mcgrath
Aw man. Never interacted with him much myself, but I owe him for a great little community all the same.
RIP Mike. I can’t believe it.
Thank you dude, for making your dream come true, creating a global community where people could share, learn and laugh.

You deserve the legacy you created, bringing thousands together.
Terrible news. All my thoughts go out to his friends and family. Thanks for all you did for this community. RIP
Oh man... Thanks for letting us know sduck. He leaves a hell of a legacy. Condolences to the family.
RIP Mike.
The moderator and admin staff are going to take the needed time to get things in order and ensure the smoothest of possible transitions. It’ll be rough for a bit. No bueno.
This comes like a shock. What a loss. I am sad at heart to hear this.
Thanks Mike. RIP
very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating
commodorejohn wrote:
I owe him for a great little community all the same.

We all do.
This is heartbreaking. He was a generous soul and he created something that we all love. Rest in peace brother.
fuck. so sorry to hear this. i hope the best for his family.
shocking sad news, a big loss to our community. condolences to Mikes close friends and family. thanks so much to all admins for their continued hard work.
This is incredibly sad news . He was a wonderful kind and thoughtful man and it’s a great loss to the community.


Terrible news :(
Oh fuck. My heart aches for he and his family.

Rest In Power MM.
Very sad news. My thoughts go out to his friends and family.
Ugh. Saw the post on FB. RIP Mike.
I don't know what to say other than may Mike rest in peace or rest in power (though never knowing him other than his posts here I assume he would rather rest in peace). I hope his family is well and will be able to cope with his loss in whatever amount of time is right. He was as my grandpa would say a "rare bird" and gave birth to such an awesome forum that became an even more awesome community (yes we have had our ebbs and flows but we have always continued to rise overall). I guess the only way I know to end this is by saying I love you all as family. Not a second distant family but a real ride or die family; yes we get annoyed at each other way too often but we always do/say what is best for each other, and will always have each other back. Us keeping muffs awesome will be Mike's greatest legacy and "don't be a douche bag" should be his digital epitaph for all us to read/remember daily.

But yeah I love you all and i think we all still love Mike (even in light of the recent drama)
How incredibly sad. Thanks for the community you’ve given us here, Mike. RIP.
Demi Jon
Oh no -- this is very sad news for members of this forum, but even more so for his family and friends. I had a few brief interactions with him over the years and he was a complicated guy (aren't we all) but seemed to be trying his best to be a good human being.

My deepest sympathy to those who know and love him.
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