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Disting & Common MIDI Controls
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Author Disting & Common MIDI Controls
Naive Teen Idol
Not to start a million disparate threads, but I had a separate question regarding the common MIDI controls (CC 1-6, 17, 18, 19 and program change).

I am finding that the Disting periodically stops receiving MIDI I send it. I realize these controls are perhaps less designed for live use -- and I wasn't sure if it could handle multiple controllers at once. So I'm not feeding it constantly changing information, but even still this functionality remains quite finicky and usually requires a power cycle to reset.

I am using a Novation Remote SL to control it (I've tried both Automap MIDI and a simple MIDI template using common controls).

Is anyone else experiencing this? I don't find this to be a particularly big deal, but the functionality is certainly convenient when setting parameters.
When this happens, does changing algorithm (and back if required) fix it?
Naive Teen Idol
That fix wasn't working earlier but now it seems to be.

I was testing this with the K-1 algorithm. Not sure if there's an SD card-reading component to this or not but I wasn't able to replicate the problem using A-6 Quantizer.
Yes, it's probably the MIDI input overflowing when the processor is busy for prolonged periods dealing with the SD card. I can probably fix that.
+1 for fixing midi overflow.
This happens to me a lot so much that i don't use it that much because of it.I tried lots of things to stagger the midi transfer which worked but for real time knob wiggling of settings no it just freezes everything.
Naive Teen Idol
Should add that common MIDI controls are a pretty great feature to have, barring the issue w the SD card algorithms. MIDI scrolls thru algorithms faster than the knob on the Disting itself and I find it really handy to dial in parameters on algorithms such as the quantizers where it is useful to be able to control multiple parameters—attenuation, offsets, scales—simultaneously – something you obviously can’t do using the hardware alone.
The Grump
I have also run into this issue when trying to switch wavetables. I'm sure that part of the problem is the fact that I'm using a 64gb card ( my 32gb card died inexplicably), and should switch back to the correctly spec'd card ASAP, but in the mean time, it's been a bit of a bugger, and I've had to power the unit down for a full restart, because switching algorithm has not been sufficient to reactivate midi receptivity, even for other algoithms. I've even seen the display flickering a bit, threatrn to lock up entirely, and I don't recall throwing that much info down the line.

Despite that headache, nearly every other parameter that I use midi to control seems to respond fairly seemlessly, so big ups for that!
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