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es8 outputs to mixer?
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Author es8 outputs to mixer?
Would there be any issues using an ES-8 outputs as main outputs to a mixer in a live performance context?

I am thinking of a small setup of laptop and modular and would like to avoid a separate audio interface for compactness.

I'd like to pass audio from the modular into the laptop, process and send back out along with other tracks from the laptop via the ES8 to mixer. Are the levels correct for this and does it being DC coupled matter?

That will be fine. If the level is too hot for your mixer, just turn it down in software, but it should be OK.

The DC coupling might give you a little pop when you first connect up, but chances are the mixer has AC coupled inputs so there won't be any other effect further down the chain.

FWIW it might be convenient to add something like a ┬ÁJack, just so you have robust cables going out to the desk (and a headphone socket):
Thanks for the info!
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