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Author Strymon Delay - DIG, El CAPISTAN, BRIGADIER
With the search down, I apologize if this is a redundant thread.

Wondering for those who have or had experiences with these delay pedals, which one you prefer if you had to choose?

I'm leaning towards DIG, based on what I've listen to.

I know some may say, get all three.. but I'm curious as to which one you'd choose over the others for specific reasons.

All thoughts welcome smile
El Cap is ace. Really good tape echo emulation. A few hidden features too, to mess up the tape playback too. Great Spring Reverb too. Highly recommend it.
Cool. Have you used the others with your preference being El Cap?
Just me
I kept the El Cap. Never tried the Dig as I have way too many really good digital delays. It was a toss up with features but kept a Moog MF-104Z instead of the Brigadier. The El Cap replaced my Echoplex and Korg tape echos. I'm digging the lack of needed maintenance.
i have an el cap and i really like it, and haven't tried the others...

the el cap definitely has the "strymon sheen" -- a certain quality to the high frequencies that is made to resemble a fender blackface (or at least sounds like it). it's a great sounding unit, but if you start layering multiple takes each with el cap on it... there starts to be a build up of "ringing" high frequencies. sounds kind of like a big boost around 8k hz. sometimes you dont notice the build up until you listen the next day and then all that sticks out is that high frequency ringing.

i've had less of an issue with this when recording synths with it but still soemthing to consider. might have something to do with the spring reverb emulation in it.
Hmmm interesting. Thanks for the input. Still on the fence, feel I should just try and compare them against one another before I decided who I want to take home to meet the family
I have both a Timeline and an El Cap, which I bought recently, on the board - don't know the others, but the El Cap in really great - only use it on "Mode C" (haven't even tried the rest), sound on sound with trails activated - love the thing! Those wobbly, lo fi frequencies slowly evaporating into the air - for ambience, hard to beat!
Yeah I'm avoiding timeline due to its complexity and 'amount' of delays it has. I want to keep my options limited
Of those three I have the DIG and El CAPISTAN. I've never tried the BRIGADIER.

The El Cap is a great tape emulation with a very nice spring reverb emulation as well. The DIG is a great dual digital delay where both delays can be sync'd or free running and also clocked externally. I don't think I can pick a favorite between the two since depending on what I'm trying to do and my mood, I might favor one over the other.

I also have the Timeline pedal and Magneto module, (and BigSky and DECO pedals which can do a bit of delay as well), but if I didn't have any of those pedals and was in the market for a delay pedal from Strymon, I would look very closely at the new Volante and likely pull the trigger on it. At a glance it seems a lot like they combined elements of the El Capistan, DIG, and Magneto and made a pedal out of it? hmmm..... thumbs up

There are some comparisons on YouTube between the El Cap and Volante, here's a couple but I haven't listened all the way through any of them so I can't say if they helpful or not:

Thanks John. Yes I've definitely checked out the volante, it sounds great that's for sure.

I guess you're right, it all depends on the situation / mood. Makes it even a harder decision.
On the looping capabilites of this thing, this demo really nailed it - very impressive!

If you want to stir away from the "complexities" of the Timeline, and find yourself between a Dig and an El Cap, I would say that the Volante where its at.
Persuasion at its highest Guinness ftw!
For those considering Volante VS El Capistan for sound on sound looping, I suggest listening to this video (that JLR posted above) particularly the part starting at 13:20

I've been using the El Capistan for years and just recently the Volante as well. Volante has a ton of cool options and sounds, but can't be made to match the El Capistan for that certain characteristic "warm" sound as demonstrated in the video. Also I prefer the El Capistan SOS behavior where the sound continues to degrade when SOS is not recording VS the Volante infinite mode. This can be worked around using the Volante with a mixer, but it's a bit fiddly in practice compared to the El Capistan.
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