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E350 Morphing Terrarium DIY kits available
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Author E350 Morphing Terrarium DIY kits available
I now have available a "semi-kit" for the E350 Morphing Terrarium for DIYers:

The kit is available directly from me for $250 (US shipping) or $275 (foreign). Email me at if interested.
Makes me want to have money this...
This just gave me a stiffy. smile Thanks Paul!
by "semi kit" does that mean i could adapt it to 5u panel?
The linked manual says it all, my friend thumbs up

...what is that funny four pin connector on my euro module for? Mr. Green
D'oh, i was secretly hoping the answer would be no, now im gonna have to get one hmmm.....
I will be buying one of these asap. Don't know when asap is - have a few prior commitments.
For those interested:

Yes, this will fit in a Frac, a 2U wide MOTM panel or a MU panel. THe outside pc board dimensions are 4.1 x 2.6 inches. The depth behind the front panel is 1.75in (with Euro cable inserted).

BTW: if you want a MOTM-style power cord instead, then state this in the PayPal note box. PayPal address is:
Nice move, Paul, thanks! thumbs up

Can haz RRE FPE FPD file? 8_) I'll probably make some changes to the Robert Rich panel but it would be nice to have as a starting point.
Doh this forums gonna bankrupt me one day smile
I have uploaded additional docs people may find useful:

Highly detailed CAD drawing of the 'stock' Euro panel:

and a jpg of the Euro E350 panel graphics. I've decided not to distribute 'native' CAD images, you have to do some DIYing here.
Two of these will fit behind a Wiard 300 panel SlayerBadger! year when I can pull the 300 out of storage d'oh!
Awesome news... This is prehaps my 'most wanted' module at the moment and has been for some time.

now I just have to find the coin to make it happen. How many of these kits do you have available? Do you expect to run out of kits quickly??
Wow! I'll have to study this to see if I can fit it behind a 1U wide 5U panel. Mr. Green

This would set me back about for a FPE panel. d'oh!
Would a "group buy" appreciably reduce the cost of the panels?

I am putting mine on a bridechamber 2u "oops" panel which i will attempt to screen print myself.
It has the right amount of pot cutouts, one extra jack cutout which ill just double up one of the outputs, and an extra switch position, which ill use for the "phase mode" switch.
a) there is a large price drop for 4 FPE panels of the same design. Another big drop at 10 panels.

b) I can make as many kits as there is demand as I have over 100 stuffed board sets.
Richard - using your blacet design elements, I'm planning on making a 1U panel for this. Yes, it will all fit, although I'm not sure what kinds of pots I'd have to use. Spectrols would fit nicely, but that'd add another to the price (sorry, couldn't resist)
If we can agree on having holes for the phase mode and possibly the disable interpolation as well smile

here's what i have come up with in FPE, If i decide to do that (or a bunch of people feel like buying them maybe someone more experienced could work on the pot markings.)
$60 and change from FPE
Those pot holes look a bit small?
They are 7.5mm for 16mm alphas, (which use an M7 thread there)
here's an initial stab at a Frac panel... i got a happy email already, so i should be able to check this against the PCB soon.
I just bit and ordered. Mr. Green

I expect I'll design my own 5U panel, but I'm interested in what people are doing.
essex sound lab
Maybe someone can make a 5U panel and we can build our own RR Editions? twisted
do.............not..................want angry
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